• Rosalind Renfrew

    Rosalind’s connections to VCE run deep—as a VCE founder, creator and director of our Grasslands Program, and an international leader in grassland bird conservation science. Her research focused on migration and wintering ecology of migratory grassland birds, yet she also developed regional, national, and international conservation plans and worked with local landowners to ameliorate threats to grassland birds. Her projects ranged from the local to the hemispheric, from Vermont hayfields to South American rice fields. Roz  also directed the 2003-2007 Vermont Breeding Bird Atlas and published the Second Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Vermont.

    Roz holds an MS and PhD in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a BS in Wildlife Biology at the University of Vermont. In 2019 Roz redirected her talents and compassion, in a “working sabbatical” of sorts from the arena of wildlife ecology and conservation, to her new role as the Vermont Human Trafficking Task Force Coordinator. When not working to improve the condition of humans or wildlife alike, Roz enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and spending time with her teenage son.