• Alex Wells ― Vernal Pool Monitoring Project Coordinator

    Soon after graduating from Middlebury College, Alex decided that he hadn’t had quite enough of sugar maples and flannel shirts, leading him to sign on for a year of serving at VCE through Vermont’s ECO Americorps program. Alex grew up hiking and then running in the mountains and aspen forests of Colorado’s western slope which, instilled in him an enduring passion for ecosystems and their continued existence.

    Though his heart still lies―somewhat scorched and dehydrated―in the west, this passion was only expanded over his four years at Middlebury. Majoring in conservation biology, Alex developed a keen interest in not only field work, but also in the myriad ways that people interact with and understand the natural spaces around them. Both interests came together in the fall of 2016, when Alex studied with Round River Conservation Studies in the Aysén Region of Chile, focusing on assessing the distribution of the endangered and emblematic Huemul. With a bit of field experience under his belt, Alex spent the summer of 2017 in the Sevilleta Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, where he and a partner mapped the breeding territories of Gray Vireos in the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge.

    Alex would like to say that he is a multifaceted person with a boatload of interests, but he especially likes trail-running in the summer and fall, skiing in the winter and spring, and stargazing year-round (but mostly at night).