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John Lloyd – Director of Science


2015-08-28-15-37-30John Lloyd joined the Vermont Center for Ecostudies in November 2014. John began his career as an ornithologist at the University of Vermont, where he earned a bachelor’s of science in Wildlife Biology. After a brief stint studying Roseate Terns on Long Island Sound, he headed west. The first stop was the University of Arizona, where John received a master’s of science for his research on the effects of fire suppression on birds in the desert grasslands of southern Arizona. He then spent a year working on a research fellowship in Rocky Mountain National Park, studying the ecological relationships between elk, aspen, and songbirds, before moving to the University of Montana to pursue a doctorate. John’s doctoral research focused on the ecology, evolutionary biology, and conservation of grassland birds in eastern Montana and western North Dakota, with a special focus on Chestnut-collared Longspurs.

After completing his doctorate, John and his family returned to Vermont, and in recent years he has focused his research program on the ecology and conservation of birds of south Florida and the Caribbean – in particular Mangrove Cuckoos – and on the application of novel quantitative techniques to complex problems in ecology and conservation. John has also served on the faculty at Antioch University New England, where he has taught statistics and quantitative research methods to graduate students in the Department of Environmental Studies, and as a visiting instructor in the Biology Department at Middlebury College. John is an associate editor at Natural Areas Journal and has worked as a consultant for a variety of organizations, including most recently the Luc Hoffmann Institute at WWF International. John’s work as a scientist has been celebrated by the Southwestern Association of Naturalists, who awarded John and his colleagues the 2003 George Miksch Sutton Award in Conservation Research, and by the Florida Ornithological Society through its Mary J. and William B. Robertson Fellowship Award.

As the Director of Science, John will use his technical expertise and experience in program management to advance VCE’s science programs and to facilitate the cutting-edge work already being done by VCE scientists.

Outside of work, John is a runner, fly-fisherman, and devotee of single-speed bikes. He also has a short and mostly undistinguished history as a participant in agricultural fairs.


Visit his ResearchGate page to download or request PDF reprints.