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    Julia Pupko - Community Science Outreach Naturalist

    Julia is the Community Science Outreach Naturalist, serving VCE through ECO AmeriCorps. Julia fell in love with the natural world at a very young age–learning about plant medicine from her mother and spending hours exploring the forests around her family’s house with her father. Her childhood connection with the outdoors inspired her to pursue a degree in Environmental Sciences with a focus on Wildlife Biology at the University of Vermont, where she graduated with Honors in 2019. Julia has conducted research for a senior thesis project on soil greenhouse gas emissions, interned for an environmental consulting firm, and worked as a Forest Health Technician at the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative (FEMC) prior to the start of her service term. Julia’s interests are currently focused on community-based conservation initiatives—discerning the intersectionality between culture and the environment, and how this intersectionality can inform management practices that best provide for local communities and ecological systems at once. Julia currently lives in Vermont, spending her spare time birding, painting, climbing, and working on starting a community reforestation project with a friend. For her service at VCE, Julia will be connecting with Vermonters interested in contributing to various community science projects, such as the Vermont Lady Beetle Atlas, with a specific focus on the use of iNaturalist, Vermont eBird, and eButterfly.