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    Rosalind Renfrew – Conservation Biologist

    Birds offer opportunities to connect cultures, share ideas, and engage people in conservation– all critical to tackling environmental challenges that threaten birds and humans alike. This opportunity is perhaps greatest in agro-ecosystems, where sustaining both economic and ecosystem viability is a complex challenge. Rosalind’s work focuses on the grassland birds that live in these agricultural landscapes. Her current projects include research on population connectivity of migratory grassland birds, creating regional and international grassland bird conservation plans, and outreach to local landowners to ameliorate threats to grassland birds. Her projects range from the local to the hemispheric – from the hayfields of Vermont to the rice fields of South America. Rosalind also directed the 2003-2007 Vermont Breeding Bird Atlas and published the Second Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Vermont.

    A co-founder of the Vermont Center for Ecostudies, Rosalind Renfrew created and directs the Grasslands Program. Rosalind holds an MS and PhD in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, but she circled back to Vermont, where she obtained her BS in Wildlife Biology at the University of Vermont. She is the proud mom of a beautiful boy who keeps her young.


    Visit my ResearchGate page to download or request PDF reprints.