• Norwich Quest

    Norwich 2020 Year of the Bird


    Norwich 2020 Bird List

    Total Checklists shared: 2,216

    Total # of eBirders: 22

    Last updated: 12/31/20
    1Downy Woodpeckerhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    2Hairy Woodpeckerhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    3Blue Jayhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    4Black-capped Chickadeehome tigertown rd1/1/20
    5Tufted Titmousehome tigertown rd1/1/20
    6Red-breasted Nuthatchhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    7White-breasted Nuthatchhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    8American Goldfinchhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    9Dark-eyed Juncohome tigertown rd1/1/20
    10Red-bellied Woodpecker91 Spring Pond Road1/1/20
    11American Crow91 Spring Pond Road1/1/20
    12Belted KingfisherCampbell Flat Rd.2/4/20
    13Common RavenHopson-Elm intersection1/1/20
    14MallardWarner Meadows1/1/20
    15Rock PigeonWarner Meadows1/1/20
    16Brown CreeperWarner Meadows1/1/20
    17Winter WrenWarner Meadows1/1/20
    18White-throated SparrowWarner Meadows1/1/20
    19Northern CardinalWarner Meadows1/1/20
    20American RobinHillside Cemetery1/1/20
    21Mourning DoveHickory Ridge Road loop1/1/20
    22Barred OwlHickory Ridge Road loop1/1/20
    23House Finch44 Huntley Street, Norwich, Vermont, US (43.72, -72.314).1/1/20
    24House SparrowElm St, Norwich1/2/20
    25Evening GrosbeakChapel Hill Rd.1/2/20
    26Eastern BluebirdBloody Brook floodplain1/3/20
    27Song SparrowBloody Brook floodplain1/3/20
    28Bald EagleKendall Station Road1/3/20
    29European StarlingKendall Station Road1/3/20
    30American Tree SparrowKendall Station1/5/20
    31Carolina WrenUS-VT-Norwich-47 Huntley St - 43.7195x-72.31361/4/20
    32Red-tailed HawkOmpompanoosuc River flats1/5/20
    33Cooper's HawkUS-VT-Norwich-47 Huntley St - 43.7195x-72.31361/7/20
    34Purple FinchUS-VT-Norwich-47 Huntley St - 43.7195x-72.31361/10/20
    35Pileated WoodpeckerKendall Station Road1/14/20
    36Cedar WaxwingKendall Station Road1/14/20
    37Sharp-shinned HawkHome - Norwich2/8/20
    38Wild Turkeyhome tigertown rd2/19/20
    39Brown-headed Cowbird47 Huntley St, Norwich US-VT2/22/20
    40Red-winged BlackbirdKendall Station2/23/20
    41Common GrackleElm St, Norwich2/25/20
    42Turkey Vulture47 Huntley St, Norwich US-VT2/28/20
    43Canada GooseKendall Station3/3/20
    44Northern FlickerKendall Station Road3/3/20
    45Golden-crowned KingletKate Wallace Rd, Norwich US-VT3/4/20
    46Hooded MerganserCampbell Flats Road - Norwich3/5/20
    47Wood DuckLedyard Bridge3/8/20
    48American Black DuckRoute 132 river crossing3/8/20
    49Common GoldeneyeOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/9/20
    50Common MerganserOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/9/20
    51American WoodcockCo-op Community Garden and Fields3/9/20
    52Ring-billed GullLedyard Bridge3/10/20
    53Green-winged TealOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/10/20
    54Ring-necked DuckOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/10/20
    55Red-shouldered HawkHome - Norwich3/10/20
    56GadwallLedyard Bridge3/11/20
    57BuffleheadLedyard Bridge3/20/20
    58KilldeerFarrell Farm3/16/20
    59Northern Shrikehome3/17/20
    60Long-tailed DuckLedyard Bridge3/19/20
    61Greater ScaupLedyard Bridge Area--CT River3/19/20
    62Lesser ScaupOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/20/20
    63MerlinFarrell Farm3/20/20
    64Fox Sparrow47 Huntley St, Norwich US - VT3/28/20
    65Pine Siskinhome tigertown rd3/29/20
    66Yellow-rumped WarblerPompy Farm Oxbow3/30/20
    67Great Blue HeronCampbell Flats3/31/20
    68Eastern PhoebeCampbell Flats3/31/20
    69Eastern MeadowlarkCampbell Flat Rd. 4/4/20
    70Ruffed Grouse05055, Norwich US-VT4/4/20
    71Yellow-bellied Sapsucker91 Spring Pond Road4/5/20
    72Tree SwallowPompy Farm Oxbow4/5/20
    73Savannah SparrowCampbell Flat Rd.4/6/20
    74Field SparrowHome - Norwich4/7/20
    75American WigeonLedyard Bridge4/7/20
    76Ruby-crowned KingletLedyard Bridge4/7/20
    77Double-crested CormorantOmpompanoosuc rivermouth4/7/20
    78Hermit Thrush91 Spring Pond Road4/8/20
    79Northern Rough-winged SwallowKendall Station Rd.4/9/20
    80OspreyPompy Farm Oxbow4/10/20
    81Wilson's SnipeOmpompanoosuc River flats4/10/20
    82American PipitOmpompanoosuc River flats4/11/20
    83Palm WarblerPompy Farm Oxbow4/13/20
    84Chipping SparrowElm St, Norwich4/13/20
    85Barn SwallowKendall Station Rd.4/14/20
    86Pine WarblerUpper Turnpike Road4/15/20
    87American KestrelMcLaughry's apple trees4/19/20
    88Vesper SparrowPompy Farm Oxbow4/21/20
    89Broad-winged HawkCampbell Flat Rd.4/21/20
    90Eastern Towhee581 Union Village Rd, Norwich, US-VT4/21/20
    91Swamp SparrowKendall Station Road4/21/20
    92Blue-headed Vireo66 Upper Turnpike Rd, Norwich US-VT4/23/20
    93Great Crested Flycatcher(43.7088, -72.3456)4/23/20
    94Louisiana Waterthrush(43.7088, -72.3456)4/23/20
    95Greater YellowlegsCampbell Flat Rd.4/26/20
    96Caspian TernPompy Farm Oxbow4/26/20
    97Great EgretCampbell Flat Rd. 4/27/20
    98Black-crowned Night-HeronKendall Station Rd.4/29/20
    99Common Loon546-586 US-5, Norwich US-VT4/29/20
    100Cliff SwallowKendall Station Rd.4/30/20
    101Brown ThrasherElm St, Norwich4/30/20
    102Northern ParulaHome - Norwich4/30/20
    103Virginia RailCampbell Flat Rd.5/1/20
    104Northern HarrierCampbell Flat Rd.5/1/20
    105Gray CatbirdKendall Station Rd.5/2/20
    106Green HeronKendall Station Rd.5/3/20
    107Northern WaterthrushKendall Station Rd.5/3/20
    108Black-and-white WarblerKendall Station Rd.5/3/20
    109House WrenCampbell Flats5/3/20
    110Eastern KingbirdCampbell Flat Rd.5/3/20
    111White-crowned Sparrowhome5/3/20
    112Rose-breasted GrosbeakElm St, Norwich5/4/20
    113Baltimore Oriole91 Spring Pond Road5/5/20
    114Black-throated Green WarblerHickory Ridge Road loop5/6/20
    115Ovenbirdhome tigertown rd.5/6/20
    116Common YellowthroatKendall Station Rd.5/6/20
    117Warbling VireoCampbell Flats5/6/20
    118BobolinkCampbell Flats5/6/20
    119Black-throated Blue WarblerCossingham Trails5/7/20
    120Least FlycatcherLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/7/20
    121Bank SwallowLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/7/20
    122Yellow WarblerLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/7/20
    123Veerytigertown beaver pond5/7/20
    124Wood ThrushParcel 5, Norwich5/8/20
    125Red-eyed VireoBrookmead Conservation Area5/8/20
    126Nashville WarblerBrookmead Conservation Area5/8/20
    127American Redstart47 Huntley St, Norwich US-VT5/8/20
    128Solitary SandpiperCampbell Flat Rd.5/9/20
    129Peregrine Falconhome tigertown rd5/9/20
    130Northern MockingbirdLedyard Bridge5/10/20
    131Chestnut-sided WarblerBrookmead Conservation Area5/11/20
    132Chimney SwiftKendall Station Rd.5/11/20
    133Indigo BuntingKendall Station Rd.5/11/20
    134Lesser YellowlegsKendall Station Rd.5/11/20
    135Ruby-throated Hummingbird47 Huntley St, Norwich US-VT5/12/20
    136Wilson's WarblerKendall Station Rd.5/12/20
    137Blackburnian WarblerHickory Ridge Road loop5/13/20
    138Snowy EgretOmpompanoosuc River flats5/15/20
    139Semipalmated PloverKendall Station Road5/15/20
    140Scarlet Tanager91 Spring Pond Road5/16/20
    141Bonaparte's GullOmpompanoosuc rivermouth5/16/20
    142Spotted SandpiperCampbell Flat Rd.5/16/20
    143Lincoln's SparrowCampbell Flat Rd.5/16/20
    144Magnolia WarblerCampbell Flat Rd.5/16/20
    145Least SandpiperOmpompanoosuc River flats5/16/20
    146Short-billed DowitcherOmpompanoosuc River flats5/16/20
    147Willow FlycatcherPompy Farm Oxbow5/18/20
    148Common GallinuleKendall Station Rd.5/20/20
    149Eastern Wood-PeweeHeyl-AT loop5/21/20
    150Alder FlycatcherKilldeer Farm Stand5/22/20
    151Red Crossbillhome5/23/20
    152Olive-sided FlycatcherNorth end of Bragg Hill Rd.5/23/20
    153Blue-winged WarblerNorth end of Bragg Hill Rd.5/23/20
    154Prairie WarblerBrookmead Conservation Area5/23/20
    155Tennessee WarblerWarner Meadows5/23/20
    156Eastern Whip-poor-willHillside Cemetery5/26/20
    157American BitternStowell Road west5/27/20
    158Mourning WarblerKendall Station Rd.5/27/20
    159Black-billed CuckooBrigham Hill Rd5/28/20
    160Blackpoll WarblerCampbell Flat Rd.5/28/20
    161Common NighthawkLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/28/20
    162Yellow-throated VireoTigertown Road ponds5/30/20
    163Blue-gray GnatcatcherNeedham & Upper Turnpike Rd Loop, Norwich, VT6/7/20
    164Marsh WrenOmpompanoosuc River flats6/10/20
    165Yellow-billed CuckooCampbell Flat Rd.7/27/20
    166Yellow-bellied Flycatcher47 Huntley St., Norwich, VT8/15/20
    167Bay-breasted WarblerCampbell Flat Rd.8/29/20
    168Blue-winged TealLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River8/30/20
    169Northern Bobwhite133 Tucker Hill Rd, Norwich US-VT9/4/20
    170Philadelphia VireoCampbell Flat Rd.9/8/20
    171Cape May Warblerhome9/9/20
    172Swainson's ThrushCampbell Flat Rd.9/15/20
    173Ring-necked PheasantCampbell Flats9/17/20
    174DickcisselPompy Farm Oxbow9/27/20
    175Rusty BlackbirdPompy Farm Oxbow9/28/20
    176Western KingbirdCampbell Flat Rd.10/5/20
    177Nelson's SparrowPompy Farm Oxbow10/20/20
    178SoraPompy Farm Oxbow10/20/20
    179Common RedpollPompy Farm Oxbow10/30/20
    180Common EiderOmpompanoosuc rivermouth10/30/20
    181Black ScoterOmpompanoosuc River flats10/30/20
    182Surf ScoterLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River10/31/20
    183Pine GrosbeakPompy Farm Oxbow11/11/20
    184Snow BuntingFarrell Farm11/11/20
    185Horned LarkFarrell Farm11/11/20
    186Hoary RedpollPompy Farm Oxbow11/19/20
    187White-winged CrossbillPompy Farm Oxbow12/4/20
    188Redhead588-598 US-5, Norwich, VT12/14/20
    189Bohemian WaxwingNorwich Senior Housing12/26/20
    190Great Horned Owldinky pond along rt 5, east of butternut rd12/31/20