• Norwich Quest

    Norwich 2021 Year of the Bird


    Norwich 2021 Bird List

    Total Checklists shared: 1,894

    Total # of eBirders: 25

    Last updated: 12/31/21
    1Great Horned OwlHogback Rd1/1/21
    2Common RavenCampbell Flat Rd.1/1/21
    3Downy Woodpeckerhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    4Hairy Woodpeckerhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    5Blue Jayhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    6Black-capped Chickadeehome tigertown rd1/1/21
    7Tufted Titmousehome tigertown rd1/1/21
    8Red-breasted Nuthatchhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    9White-breasted Nuthatchhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    10Brown Creeperhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    11Dark-eyed Juncohome tigertown rd1/1/21
    12Mourning Dovehome1/1/21
    13Red-bellied Woodpeckerhome1/1/21
    14American Crowhome1/1/21
    15Rock PigeonNorwich1/1/21
    16Cooper's HawkNorwich1/1/21
    17Red-tailed HawkNorwich1/1/21
    18Carolina WrenNorwich1/1/21
    19European StarlingNorwich1/1/21
    20Cedar WaxwingNorwich1/1/21
    21House SparrowNorwich1/1/21
    22Pine GrosbeakNorwich1/1/21
    23House FinchNorwich1/1/21
    24Pine SiskinNorwich1/1/21
    25Northern CardinalNorwich1/1/21
    26Eastern BluebirdWarner Meadows1/1/21
    27Red CrossbillWarner Meadows1/1/21
    28American GoldfinchWarner Meadows1/1/21
    29White-throated SparrowWarner Meadows1/1/21
    30MallardElm St. between Blood Brook & Hopson Road, Norwich1/1/21
    31White-winged Crossbill47 Huntley St, Norwich US-VT1/1/21
    32Hooded MerganserLedyard Bridge Area--CT River1/1/21
    33Common MerganserLedyard Bridge Area--CT River1/1/21
    34Red-winged BlackbirdEllen's1/1/21
    35Pileated WoodpeckerElm St, Norwich1/4/21
    36Common RedpollPompy Farm Oxbow1/4/21
    37Song SparrowPompy Farm Oxbow1/4/21
    38American RobinKendall Station Rd.1/4/21
    39American Tree SparrowKendall Station Rd.1/4/21
    40Brown-headed CowbirdKendall Station Rd.1/4/21
    41Rusty BlackbirdKendall Station Rd.1/4/21
    42Bohemian WaxwingElm St, Norwich1/5/21
    43Wild TurkeyNorwich1/12/21
    44Bald EagleKendall Station Rd.1/14/21
    45Yellow-bellied SapsuckerKendall Station Rd.1/20/21
    46Northern Shrike1110 New Boston Rd.1/25/21
    47Hoary RedpollPompy Farm Oxbow1/28/21
    48Evening Grosbeak105 Stagecoach Rd., Norwich2/6/21
    49Horned Lark1769 US-5, Norwich US-VT2/14/21
    50Barred OwlAppalachian Trail, Norwich, VT2/20/21
    51Ruffed Grousehome tigertown rd3/3/21
    52American Black DuckKendall Station Rd.3/6/21
    53Common GrackleKendall Station Rd.3/12/21
    54Canada GooseKendall Station Rd.3/12/21
    55Turkey VultureFarrell Farm3/12/21
    56KilldeerFarrell Farm3/12/21
    57American WoodcockCliff St.3/18/21
    58Red-shouldered HawkHome Owl Creek3/20/21
    59Northern Saw-whet OwlHome Owl Creek3/22/21
    60Wood DuckLedyard Bridge Area - CT River3/23/21
    61Common GoldeneyeOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/23/21
    62Ring-necked Duck501-533 US-5, Norwich, VT3/24/21
    63Purple Finchhome tigertown rd3/24/21
    64Northern FlickerFarm Road, Norwich3/24/21
    65Belted KingfisherLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River3/25/21
    66Fox SparrowElm St, Norwich3/25/21
    67Green-winged TealPompy Farm Oxbow3/26/21
    68Ring-billed GullOmpompanoosuc River flats3/27/21
    69Greater White-fronted GooseOmpompanoosuc River flats3/27/21
    70Eastern PhoebePompy Farm Oxbow3/28/21
    71Lesser ScaupPompy Farm Oxbow3/28/21
    72Wilson's SnipeOmpompanoosuc River Flats3/28/21
    73Northern ShovelerLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River3/29/21
    74Northern PintailOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/29/21
    75Golden-crowned Kinglet47 Huntley St, Norwich3/31/21
    76Tree SwallowPompy Farm Oxbow3/31/21
    77American KestrelFarm Road, Norwich3/31/21
    78Northern HarrierSteven's Rd./Rte. 5 Norwich3/31/21
    79Winter WrenHome Owl Creek4/8/21
    80MerlinCliff St.4/8/21
    81Field SparrowFarm Road, Norwich4/9/21
    82Blue-winged TealKendall Station Road4/9/21
    83Swamp SparrowKendall Station Rd.4/10/21
    84Ruby-crowned KingletHome Owl Creek4/10/21
    85Pine WarblerLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River4/11/21
    86Savannah SparrowPompy Farm Oxbow4/11/21
    87Chipping SparrowHome Owl Creek4/11/21
    88Hermit Thrush91 Spring Pond Road4/13/21
    89Barn SwallowKendall Station Rd.4/15/21
    90Northern Rough-winged SwallowKendall Station Rd.4/15/21
    91OspreyKendall Station Rd. 4/15/21
    92Horned GrebeLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River4/16/21
    93Red-necked GrebeOmpompanoosuc rivermouth4/16/21
    94Sharp-shinned Hawk230 Elm St. Norwich4/16/21
    95Yellow-rumped WarblerKendall Station Rd.4/17/21
    96Palm WarblerKendall Station Rd.4/17/21
    97Great Blue HeronKendall Station Rd.4/17/21
    98Broad-winged Hawk296 Dutton Hill Rd, Norwich US-VT4/17/21
    99Caspian TernPompy Farm Oxbow4/21/21
    100Lesser YellowlegsOmpompanoosuc River flats4/21/21
    101Greater YellowlegsOmpompanoosuc River flats4/21/21
    102Double-crested CormorantPompy Farm Oxbow4/21/21
    103Blue-gray GnatcatcherKendall Station Rd.4/23/21
    104House WrenLedyard Bridge Area - CT River4/25/21
    105Black-throated Green WarblerHome Owl Creek4/25/21
    106Brown ThrasherKendall Station Rd.4/25/21
    107Great EgretOmpompanoosuc River flats4/28/21
    108Herring GullPompy Farm Oxbow4/29/21
    109SoraPompy Farm Oxbow4/29/21
    110Cliff SwallowKendall Station Rd.4/29/21
    111Green HeronKendall Station Rd.4/29/21
    112Louisiana WaterthrushPompy Farm Oxbow4/29/21
    113BuffleheadPompy Farm Oxbow5/1/21
    114OvenbirdHome Owl Creek5/2/21
    115Black-and-white WarblerLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/2/21
    116Northern WaterthrushLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/2/21
    117Baltimore OrioleOmpompanoosuc rivermouth5/2/21
    118Warbling VireoOmpompanoosuc River flats5/2/21
    119Gray CatbirdKendall Station Rd.5/2/21
    120Rose-breasted Grosbeakhome tigertown road5/2/21
    121Common Yellowthroathome tigertown road5/2/21
    122Northern ParulaHome Owl Creek5/3/21
    123Solitary SandpiperPompy Farm Oxbow5/3/21
    124Ruby-throated Hummingbird230 Elm St, Norwich5/3/21
    125Spotted SandpiperLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/4/21
    126Chestnut-sided WarblerHome Owl Creek5/4/21
    127Blue-headed VireoHome Owl Creek5/5/21
    128Yellow WarblerOmpompanoosuc River flats5/5/21
    129Eastern TowheeElm St, Norwich5/6/21
    130BobolinkFarm Road, Norwich5/6/21
    131Bank SwallowFarm Road, Norwich5/6/21
    132Eastern KingbirdKendall Station Rd.5/7/21
    133Northern MockingbirdFarm Road, Norwich5/7/21
    134American RedstartPompy Farm Oxbow5/7/21
    135Blackburnian WarblerHeyl-AT loop5/7/21
    136VeeryLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River5/8/21
    137White-crowned Sparrow230 Elm St, Norwich5/8/21
    138Least FlycatcherKendall Station Rd.5/8/21
    139Chimney SwiftKendall Station Rd.5/8/21
    140Wood Thrush91 Spring Pond Road5/9/21
    141Prairie WarblerBrookmead Conservation Area5/9/21
    142Black-throated Blue WarblerBrookmead Conservation Area5/9/21
    143Nashville WarblerBrookmead Conservation Area5/9/21
    144Red-eyed VireoBrookmead Conservation Area5/9/21
    145Scarlet TanagerKendall Station Rd.5/10/21
    146Indigo Buntinghome5/11/21
    147Northern Goshawkhome tigertown rd5/11/21
    148Lincoln's SparrowLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/15/21
    149Common LoonLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/15/21
    150Canada WarblerLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/16/21
    151Magnolia WarblerLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/16/21
    152Cape May WarblerLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/16/21
    153Tennessee WarblerElm St, Norwich5/17/21
    154Blackpoll WarblerKendall Station Rd.5/17/21
    155Wilson's WarblerCampbell Flat Rd.5/18/21
    156Least SandpiperOmpompanoosuc River flats5/19/21
    157Orchard OrioleKendall Station Rd.5/19/21
    158Willow FlycatcherKendall Station Rd.5/19/21
    159Great Crested Flycatcher230 Elm St, Norwich5/20/21
    160Black-billed Cuckoo91 Spring Pond Road5/22/21
    161Alder FlycatcherKendall Station Rd.5/22/21
    162Eastern Wood-Pewee91 Spring Pond Road5/22/21
    163Short-billed DowitcherOmpompanoosuc River flats5/22/21
    164Semipalmated PloverOmpompanoosuc River flats5/22/21
    165Philadelphia VireoBrigham Hill Rd5/24/21
    166Virginia RailArnold wetland5/27/21
    167Common NighthawkCliff St.6/4/21
    168Yellow-throated VireoTigertown Road wetland6/16/21
    169Marsh WrenOmpompanoosuc River flats6/24/21
    170Yellow-billed CuckooCampbell Flats Road7/10/21
    171Bonaparte's GullOmpompanoosuc River flats8/3/21
    172Olive-sided FlycatcherCampbell Flats Road8/17/21
    173Bay-breasted WarblerCampbell Flats Road8/21/21
    174Semipalmated SandpiperOmpomanoosuc River flats8/22/21
    175Pectoral SandpiperCampbell Flats Road8/22/21
    176Swainson's ThrushLedyard Bridge Area, Connecticut River9/5/21
    177Yellow-bellied FlycatcherCampbell Flats Road9/11/21
    178Peregrine FalconCampbell Flats Road9/27/21
    179Nelson's SparrowPompy Farm Oxbow9/29/21
    180Vesper SparrowPompy Farm Oxbow10/26/21
    181Greater ScaupOmpompanoosuc rivermouth10/30/21
    182American CootPompy Farm Oxbow11/2/21
    183BrantPompy Farm Oxbow11/2/21
    184Snowy Owl224 Farrell Farm Rd., Norwich12/16/21
    185Snow BuntingBragg Hill - Ame's/Holzberger's fields12/19/21