National Park Service Landbird Monitoring

With preserved land across the country, the National Park Service is an ideal partner for wildlife study and conservation. When NPS was looking to monitor bird populations on some of its properties, it turned to VCE biologists for guidance. With help from volunteer birders, we're now monitoring birds at 11 NPS sites across the Northeast.

At the core of this collaboration is NPS's Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Program, which uses science to improve park management. NPS first hired VCE biologists to develop a monitoring protocol for songbirds, then to implement the plan with help from volunteers. The partnership is a prime example of VCE's uniting citizens and science for conservation.

American Redstart

American Redstart (female) / © Bryan Pfeiffer

VCE now oversees songbird population monitoring at 11 NPS properties in the Northeast:

For more information on this project download the Breeding Landbird Program Brief (1.2M, PDF)