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Mountain Birdwatch Data Entry and Submission


Congratulations! You have survived the black flies, arrived at your mountain route before the sun, located your survey stations, and maybe even heard a Bicknell’s Thrush or two (or at least a White-throated Sparrow). There are just a few more steps to complete your Mountain Birdwatch volunteer commitment.

Sunset in the White Mountains / © K.P. McFarland

Sunset in the White Mountains / © K.P. McFarland

  1. Notify the MBW director that your survey is complete – As soon as you complete your survey, please email Steve Faccio to notify him that you were able to survey your route.
  2. Tally your data – Transfer your survey data from the bulls-eye diagram to the tally boxes at the bottom of each sheet. Make sure to double-check to ensure you have accurately tallied the number of individuals of each species at each distance class.
  3. Submit your data online – Mountain Birdwatch requires both online submission of data and hard copy data sheets. When you are all set to enter your data, simply login to the MBW database.
  4. Mail hard copy data sheets – Please photocopy your data sheets for your records and mail the hard copy data sheets to Steve Faccio at Vermont Center for Ecostudies, PO Box 420,Norwich, VT 05055.

For additional online data submission guidance, use our Online Data Submission Instructions or check out our Data Entry Video Tutorials (Introduction- Accessing the System and Part II- Entering and Saving Data).

Please submit ALL data NO LATER THAN 15 July. Thanks!