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Conducting a songbird survey. © Wendy Cole

Conducting a songbird survey. © Wendy Cole

Interested in conducting a dawn survey on June morning? Because Mountain Birdwatch features a short list of birds to survey and extensive training materials for participants, just about anyone can join.

In conducting these counts during the pre-dawn hours in dense woods, volunteers record most of the birds they encounter by ear rather than by eye. And because they are often surveying along trails with rocky and steep terrain, MBW monitors must not only have excellent hearing, but they need to be fairly agile too. Check out our volunteer manual to learn more about what’s required of a MBW volunteer.

Volunteers adopt routes across the mountains of NY, VT, NH, and ME.  Check out our Route Maps to browse all of MBW’s survey areas, or visit our Available Routes page to see which routes currently need volunteers.

If you’ve got what it takes, or to learn more about becoming a MBW volunteer, contact project biologist Steve Faccio. We’d love to have you join the MBW team!

Can’t quite find the time for MBW but you are hiking and watching birds? You can still contribute extremely valuable data on bird abundance and distribution. While hiking and bird watching (even casually), keep track of what birds you see and add your sightings to eBird. Thanks!