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Mountain Birdwatch Partners


5961502179_43f727518c_zMountain Birdwatch is grateful for the support and partnerships of dozens of organizations throughout its 15 year history. In particular, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has provided financial, logistical, and on-the-ground support for Mountain Birdwatch since its inception.

In addition, these organizations provided critical funding, volunteer support, outreach assistance, or other partnership for our original Mountain Birdwatch project.

The following organizations were instrumental in the development and launch of Mountain Birdwatch 2.0.

A complete list of Mountain Birdwatch 2.0 development collaborators can be found in the Mountain Birdwatch Protocol and Standard Operating Procedures.

Congratulations on a successful 2014 season!

These organizations and foundations have provided additional funding, equipment, logistical, or volunteer support for Mountain Birdwatch 2.0.


As always, we’d like to thank the hundreds of volunteers who rise before dawn to count mountain birds, as well as the individual donors who support this critical monitoring project.