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    Norwich 2020 Bird Quest

    Following 2019’s remarkably successful launch of the Norwich Bird Quest, we’re at it again in 2020. The Norwich 2020 Bird Quest is officially underway, and we’ve set modestly ambitious goals for ourselves, as we seek to improve on last year’s totals. Our 2020 targets are 180 species (including at least three not found in 2019), 1,500 eBird checklists, and 20 eBirders submitting those lists (with at least three under the age of 21).

    This is an informal (but serious) challenge to birders—experts and novices, professionals and amateurs, hardcores and wannabes, from near and far—to explore the avian diversity of Norwich, get outdoors, have some fun, share the thrill of discovery, and do some learning in the process.

    The Norwich 2020 Bird Quest is very simply meant to engage and inspire birders of all sorts to pay attention, and to keep track. The goal of 180 species in a single calendar year? Arbitrary, definitely a stretch (though we thought 175 species in 2019 was too), but doable. Everyone likes a challenge, a quest, maybe even some friendly competition. Set your own goals. Can you find 100 species yourself? Can you identify 25 “lifers” in 2019— species that you’ve never before encountered?

    Because keeping careful track of yearlong sightings throughout Norwich will be critical to know where we stand, we’ll use Vermont eBird, a real-time, online checklist program that has revolutionized how the birding community reports and accesses information about birds. Launched in 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, 2020 marks the 16-year anniversary of Vermont eBird, which is managed by VCE as part of our Vermont Atlas of Life and is the very first state portal for eBird. In just a decade-and-a-half, the checklists shared by bird watchers have helped make Vermont eBird the largest citizen science biodiversity project in the state. To date, 8,967 Vermont eBirders have submitted nearly 385,000 complete checklists, representing all 387 species of birds ever reported from Vermont. Worldwide, more than 500,000 eBirders have contributed over 740 million bird sightings on over 40 million complete checklists, representing 10,509 species across every country on earth!

    Join Us!

    OK, how exactly do birdwatchers like you contribute sightings to the Norwich 2020 Bird Quest? If you don’t already have a Vermont eBird account, setting one up is straightforward. Just go to Vermont eBird, watch the 3-minute introductory video via the “Learn More” tab, then hit the “Get Started” tab, and you’ll be off to the races with your own eBird account. Once you get started, there are more resources on the eBird Help pages too.

    eBird tracks all kinds of stats from counties to states to countries, but not by towns.  To have your Vermont eBird checklists count, we are using the eBird checklist share feature, which allows you to copy checklists to another user’s account with the click of a mouse. For any Norwich-based Vermont eBird checklist you complete, please share it with the Norwich Bird Questers eBird account. When you submit a checklist to Vermont eBird, you can share it immediately by clicking the “Share w/Others in Your Party” link in the right column of the checklist confirmation page and typing in the username ‘norwich’. Maybe you forgot to share a checklist when you submitted it? Any checklist can be shared at any time by clicking the “Share” link on the Manage My Checklists page.

    Click here to see last year’s species totals and a summary of some of 2019’s birding highlights!

    Norwich 2020 Bird List

    Total Checklists shared: 428

    Total # of eBirders: 9

    Last updated: 3/25/20
    1Downy Woodpeckerhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    2Hairy Woodpeckerhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    3Blue Jayhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    4Black-capped Chickadeehome tigertown rd1/1/20
    5Tufted Titmousehome tigertown rd1/1/20
    6Red-breasted Nuthatchhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    7White-breasted Nuthatchhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    8American Goldfinchhome tigertown rd1/1/20
    9Dark-eyed Juncohome tigertown rd1/1/20
    10Red-bellied Woodpecker91 Spring Pond Road1/1/20
    11American Crow91 Spring Pond Road1/1/20
    12Common RavenHopson-Elm intersection1/1/20
    13MallardWarner Meadows1/1/20
    14Rock PigeonWarner Meadows1/1/20
    15Brown CreeperWarner Meadows1/1/20
    16Winter WrenWarner Meadows1/1/20
    17White-throated SparrowWarner Meadows1/1/20
    18Northern CardinalWarner Meadows1/1/20
    19American RobinHillside Cemetery1/1/20
    20Mourning DoveHickory Ridge Road loop1/1/20
    21Barred OwlHickory Ridge Road loop1/1/20
    22House Finch44 Huntley Street, Norwich, Vermont, US (43.72, -72.314).1/1/20
    23House SparrowElm St, Norwich1/2/20
    24Evening GrosbeakChapel Hill Rd.1/2/20
    25Eastern BluebirdBloody Brook floodplain1/3/20
    26Song SparrowBloody Brook floodplain1/3/20
    27Bald EagleKendall Station Road1/3/20
    28European StarlingKendall Station Road1/3/20
    29Carolina WrenUS-VT-Norwich-47 Huntley St - 43.7195x-72.31361/4/20
    30American Tree SparrowKendall Station1/5/20
    31Red-tailed HawkOmpompanoosuc River flats1/5/20
    32Cooper's HawkUS-VT-Norwich-47 Huntley St - 43.7195x-72.31361/7/20
    33Purple FinchUS-VT-Norwich-47 Huntley St - 43.7195x-72.31361/10/20
    34Pileated WoodpeckerKendall Station Road1/14/20
    35Cedar WaxwingKendall Station Road1/14/20
    36Belted KingfisherCampbell Flat Rd.2/4/20
    37Wild Turkeyhome tigertown rd2/19/20
    38Brown-headed Cowbird47 Huntley St, Norwich US-VT2/22/20
    39Red-winged BlackbirdKendall Station2/23/20
    40Common GrackleElm St, Norwich2/25/20
    41Turkey Vulture47 Huntley St, Norwich US-VT2/28/20
    42Canada GooseKendall Station3/3/20
    43Northern FlickerKendall Station Road3/3/20
    44Golden-crowned KingletKate Wallace Rd, Norwich US-VT3/4/20
    45Hooded MerganserCampbell Flats Road - Norwich3/5/20
    46Wood DuckLedyard Bridge3/8/20
    47American Black DuckRoute 132 river crossing3/8/20
    48Common GoldeneyeOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/9/20
    49Common MerganserOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/9/20
    50American WoodcockCo-op Community Garden and Fields3/9/20
    51Ring-billed GullLedyard Bridge3/10/20
    52Green-winged TealOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/10/20
    53Ring-necked DuckOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/10/20
    54GadwallLedyard Bridge3/11/20
    55KilldeerFarrell Farm3/16/20
    56Northern Shrikehome3/17/20
    57Long-tailed DuckLedyard Bridge3/19/20
    58Greater ScaupLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River3/19/20
    59BuffleheadLedyard Bridge3/20/20
    60Lesser ScaupOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/20/20
    61MerlinFarrell Farm3/20/20