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    Norwich 2021 Bird Quest

    2020 was a year for the record books for Norwich Birding, and we're back at it again in 2021. The Norwich 2021 Bird Quest is officially underway, and we've set some ambitious goals for ourselves as we seek to improve on last year's totals. Our 2021 targets are 195 species (including at least 5 not found in 2019 or 2020), 2,500 checklists, and 25 eBirders submitting those lists.

    This is an informal (but serious) challenge to birders—experts and novices, professionals and amateurs, hardcores and wannabes, from near and far—to explore the avian diversity of Norwich, get outdoors, have some fun, share the thrill of discovery, and do some learning in the process.

    The Norwich 2021 Bird Quest is very simply meant to engage and inspire birders of all sorts to pay attention, and to keep track. The goal of 190 species in a single calendar year? Arbitrary, definitely a stretch (though we thought 180 species in 2020 was too), but doable. Everyone likes a challenge, a quest, maybe even some friendly competition. Set your own goals. Can you find 100 species yourself? Can you identify 25 “lifers” in 2021— species that you’ve never before encountered?

    Because keeping careful track of yearlong sightings throughout Norwich will be critical to know where we stand, we’ll use Vermont eBird, a real-time, online checklist program that has revolutionized how the birding community reports and accesses information about birds. Launched in 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, 2021 marks the 17-year anniversary of Vermont eBird, which is managed by VCE as part of our Vermont Atlas of Life and is the very first state portal for eBird. In just over a decade-and-a-half, the checklists shared by bird watchers have helped make Vermont eBird the largest citizen science biodiversity project in the state. To date, 10,101 Vermont eBirders have submitted nearly 454,000 complete checklists, representing all 389 species of birds ever reported from Vermont. Worldwide, more than 600,000 eBirders have contributed over 740 million bird sightings on over 50 million complete checklists, representing 10,517 species across every country on earth!

    Join Us!

    OK, how exactly do birdwatchers like you contribute sightings to the Norwich 2021 Bird Quest? If you don’t already have a Vermont eBird account, setting one up is straightforward. Just go to Vermont eBird, watch the 3-minute introductory video via the “Learn More” tab, then hit the “Get Started” tab, and you’ll be off to the races with your own eBird account. Once you get started, there are more resources on the eBird Help pages too.

    eBird tracks all kinds of stats from counties to states to countries, but not by towns.  To have your Vermont eBird checklists count, we are using the eBird checklist share feature, which allows you to copy checklists to another user’s account with the click of a mouse. For any Norwich-based Vermont eBird checklist you complete, please share it with the Norwich Bird Questers eBird account. When you submit a checklist to Vermont eBird, you can share it immediately by clicking the “Share w/Others in Your Party” link in the right column of the checklist confirmation page and typing in the username ‘norwich’. Maybe you forgot to share a checklist when you submitted it? Any checklist can be shared at any time by clicking the “Share” link on the Manage My Checklists page.

    For a summary of 2019’s birding highlights, click here.

    To see 2020’s impressive species total, click here.

    Norwich 2021 Bird List

    Total Checklists shared: 1,511

    Total # of eBirders: 25

    Last updated: 9/29/21
    1Great Horned OwlHogback Rd1/1/21
    2Common RavenCampbell Flat Rd.1/1/21
    3Downy Woodpeckerhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    4Hairy Woodpeckerhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    5Blue Jayhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    6Black-capped Chickadeehome tigertown rd1/1/21
    7Tufted Titmousehome tigertown rd1/1/21
    8Red-breasted Nuthatchhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    9White-breasted Nuthatchhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    10Brown Creeperhome tigertown rd1/1/21
    11Dark-eyed Juncohome tigertown rd1/1/21
    12Mourning Dovehome1/1/21
    13Red-bellied Woodpeckerhome1/1/21
    14American Crowhome1/1/21
    15Rock PigeonNorwich1/1/21
    16Cooper's HawkNorwich1/1/21
    17Red-tailed HawkNorwich1/1/21
    18Carolina WrenNorwich1/1/21
    19European StarlingNorwich1/1/21
    20Cedar WaxwingNorwich1/1/21
    21House SparrowNorwich1/1/21
    22Pine GrosbeakNorwich1/1/21
    23House FinchNorwich1/1/21
    24Pine SiskinNorwich1/1/21
    25Northern CardinalNorwich1/1/21
    26Eastern BluebirdWarner Meadows1/1/21
    27Red CrossbillWarner Meadows1/1/21
    28American GoldfinchWarner Meadows1/1/21
    29White-throated SparrowWarner Meadows1/1/21
    30MallardElm St. between Blood Brook & Hopson Road, Norwich1/1/21
    31White-winged Crossbill47 Huntley St, Norwich US-VT1/1/21
    32Hooded MerganserLedyard Bridge Area--CT River1/1/21
    33Common MerganserLedyard Bridge Area--CT River1/1/21
    34Red-winged BlackbirdEllen's1/1/21
    35Pileated WoodpeckerElm St, Norwich1/4/21
    36Common RedpollPompy Farm Oxbow1/4/21
    37Song SparrowPompy Farm Oxbow1/4/21
    38American RobinKendall Station Rd.1/4/21
    39American Tree SparrowKendall Station Rd.1/4/21
    40Brown-headed CowbirdKendall Station Rd.1/4/21
    41Rusty BlackbirdKendall Station Rd.1/4/21
    42Bohemian WaxwingElm St, Norwich1/5/21
    43Wild TurkeyNorwich1/12/21
    44Bald EagleKendall Station Rd.1/14/21
    45Yellow-bellied SapsuckerKendall Station Rd.1/20/21
    46Northern Shrike1110 New Boston Rd.1/25/21
    47Hoary RedpollPompy Farm Oxbow1/28/21
    48Evening Grosbeak105 Stagecoach Rd., Norwich2/6/21
    49Horned Lark1769 US-5, Norwich US-VT2/14/21
    50Barred OwlAppalachian Trail, Norwich, VT2/20/21
    51Ruffed Grousehome tigertown rd3/3/21
    52American Black DuckKendall Station Rd.3/6/21
    53Common GrackleKendall Station Rd.3/12/21
    54Canada GooseKendall Station Rd.3/12/21
    55Turkey VultureFarrell Farm3/12/21
    56KilldeerFarrell Farm3/12/21
    57American WoodcockCliff St.3/18/21
    58Red-shouldered HawkHome Owl Creek3/20/21
    59Northern Saw-whet OwlHome Owl Creek3/22/21
    60Wood DuckLedyard Bridge Area - CT River3/23/21
    61Common GoldeneyeOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/23/21
    62Ring-necked Duck501-533 US-5, Norwich, VT3/24/21
    63Purple Finchhome tigertown rd3/24/21
    64Northern FlickerFarm Road, Norwich3/24/21
    65Belted KingfisherLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River3/25/21
    66Fox SparrowElm St, Norwich3/25/21
    67Green-winged TealPompy Farm Oxbow3/26/21
    68Ring-billed GullOmpompanoosuc River flats3/27/21
    69Greater White-fronted GooseOmpompanoosuc River flats3/27/21
    70Eastern PhoebePompy Farm Oxbow3/28/21
    71Lesser ScaupPompy Farm Oxbow3/28/21
    72Wilson's SnipeOmpompanoosuc River Flats3/28/21
    73Northern ShovelerLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River3/29/21
    74Northern PintailOmpompanoosuc rivermouth3/29/21
    75Golden-crowned Kinglet47 Huntley St, Norwich3/31/21
    76Tree SwallowPompy Farm Oxbow3/31/21
    77American KestrelFarm Road, Norwich3/31/21
    78Northern HarrierSteven's Rd./Rte. 5 Norwich3/31/21
    79Winter WrenHome Owl Creek4/8/21
    80MerlinCliff St.4/8/21
    81Field SparrowFarm Road, Norwich4/9/21
    82Blue-winged TealKendall Station Road4/9/21
    83Swamp SparrowKendall Station Rd.4/10/21
    84Ruby-crowned KingletHome Owl Creek4/10/21
    85Pine WarblerLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River4/11/21
    86Savannah SparrowPompy Farm Oxbow4/11/21
    87Chipping SparrowHome Owl Creek4/11/21
    88Hermit Thrush91 Spring Pond Road4/13/21
    89Barn SwallowKendall Station Rd.4/15/21
    90Northern Rough-winged SwallowKendall Station Rd.4/15/21
    91OspreyKendall Station Rd. 4/15/21
    92Horned GrebeLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River4/16/21
    93Red-necked GrebeOmpompanoosuc rivermouth4/16/21
    94Sharp-shinned Hawk230 Elm St. Norwich4/16/21
    95Yellow-rumped WarblerKendall Station Rd.4/17/21
    96Palm WarblerKendall Station Rd.4/17/21
    97Great Blue HeronKendall Station Rd.4/17/21
    98Broad-winged Hawk296 Dutton Hill Rd, Norwich US-VT4/17/21
    99Caspian TernPompy Farm Oxbow4/21/21
    100Lesser YellowlegsOmpompanoosuc River flats4/21/21
    101Greater YellowlegsOmpompanoosuc River flats4/21/21
    102Double-crested CormorantPompy Farm Oxbow4/21/21
    103Blue-gray GnatcatcherKendall Station Rd.4/23/21
    104House WrenLedyard Bridge Area - CT River4/25/21
    105Black-throated Green WarblerHome Owl Creek4/25/21
    106Brown ThrasherKendall Station Rd.4/25/21
    107Great EgretOmpompanoosuc River flats4/28/21
    108Herring GullPompy Farm Oxbow4/29/21
    109SoraPompy Farm Oxbow4/29/21
    110Cliff SwallowKendall Station Rd.4/29/21
    111Green HeronKendall Station Rd.4/29/21
    112Louisiana WaterthrushPompy Farm Oxbow4/29/21
    113BuffleheadPompy Farm Oxbow5/1/21
    114OvenbirdHome Owl Creek5/2/21
    115Black-and-white WarblerLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/2/21
    116Northern WaterthrushLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/2/21
    117Baltimore OrioleOmpompanoosuc rivermouth5/2/21
    118Warbling VireoOmpompanoosuc River flats5/2/21
    119Gray CatbirdKendall Station Rd.5/2/21
    120Rose-breasted Grosbeakhome tigertown road5/2/21
    121Common Yellowthroathome tigertown road5/2/21
    122Northern ParulaHome Owl Creek5/3/21
    123Solitary SandpiperPompy Farm Oxbow5/3/21
    124Ruby-throated Hummingbird230 Elm St, Norwich5/3/21
    125Spotted SandpiperLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/4/21
    126Chestnut-sided WarblerHome Owl Creek5/4/21
    127Blue-headed VireoHome Owl Creek5/5/21
    128Yellow WarblerOmpompanoosuc River flats5/5/21
    129Eastern TowheeElm St, Norwich5/6/21
    130BobolinkFarm Road, Norwich5/6/21
    131Bank SwallowFarm Road, Norwich5/6/21
    132Eastern KingbirdKendall Station Rd.5/7/21
    133Northern MockingbirdFarm Road, Norwich5/7/21
    134American RedstartPompy Farm Oxbow5/7/21
    135Blackburnian WarblerHeyl-AT loop5/7/21
    136VeeryLedyard Bridge Area -- CT River5/8/21
    137White-crowned Sparrow230 Elm St, Norwich5/8/21
    138Least FlycatcherKendall Station Rd.5/8/21
    139Chimney SwiftKendall Station Rd.5/8/21
    140Wood Thrush91 Spring Pond Road5/9/21
    141Prairie WarblerBrookmead Conservation Area5/9/21
    142Black-throated Blue WarblerBrookmead Conservation Area5/9/21
    143Nashville WarblerBrookmead Conservation Area5/9/21
    144Red-eyed VireoBrookmead Conservation Area5/9/21
    145Scarlet TanagerKendall Station Rd.5/10/21
    146Indigo Buntinghome5/11/21
    147Northern Goshawkhome tigertown rd5/11/21
    148Lincoln's SparrowLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/15/21
    149Common LoonLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/15/21
    150Canada WarblerLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/16/21
    151Magnolia WarblerLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/16/21
    152Cape May WarblerLedyard Bridge Area--CT River5/16/21
    153Tennessee WarblerElm St, Norwich5/17/21
    154Blackpoll WarblerKendall Station Rd.5/17/21
    155Wilson's WarblerCampbell Flat Rd.5/18/21
    156Least SandpiperOmpompanoosuc River flats5/19/21
    157Orchard OrioleKendall Station Rd.5/19/21
    158Willow FlycatcherKendall Station Rd.5/19/21
    159Great Crested Flycatcher230 Elm St, Norwich5/20/21
    160Black-billed Cuckoo91 Spring Pond Road5/22/21
    161Alder FlycatcherKendall Station Rd.5/22/21
    162Eastern Wood-Pewee91 Spring Pond Road5/22/21
    163Short-billed DowitcherOmpompanoosuc River flats5/22/21
    164Semipalmated PloverOmpompanoosuc River flats5/22/21
    165Philadelphia VireoBrigham Hill Rd5/24/21
    166Virginia RailArnold wetland5/27/21
    167Common NighthawkCliff St.6/4/21
    168Yellow-throated VireoTigertown Road wetland6/16/21
    169Marsh WrenOmpompanoosuc River flats6/24/21
    170Yellow-billed CuckooCampbell Flats Road7/10/21
    171Bonaparte's GullOmpompanoosuc River flats8/3/21
    172Olive-sided FlycatcherCampbell Flats Road8/17/21
    173Bay-breasted WarblerCampbell Flats Road8/21/21
    174Semipalmated SandpiperOmpomanoosuc River flats8/22/21
    175Pectoral SandpiperCampbell Flats Road8/22/21
    176Swainson's ThrushLedyard Bridge Area, Connecticut River9/5/21
    177Yellow-bellied FlycatcherCampbell Flats Road9/11/21
    178Peregrine FalconCampbell Flats Road9/27/21
    179Nelson's SparrowPompy Farm Oxbow9/29/21