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Tracking Ticks in Vermont

May 06, 2015

The steady, sweeping motion of a flannel cloth helps State Entomologist Alan Graham collects ticks. He drags it through the brush. Graham says it is important to study the ticks to learn about the diseases they could be carrying. Read and watch the story at WCAX »

Cliff Tops and Overlooks Closed to Protect Nesting Peregrines

April 28, 2015

Hiking Vermont’s hillsides is a great way to enjoy a spring day, but the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department and Audubon Vermont recommend you check to see if the area you're planning to hike or climb is open. Several cliff areas are currently closed to protect nesting peregrine falcons. Read more »

The Blackpoll Warbler's Daring Ocean Migration

April 01, 2015

VCE has helped to document one of the most amazing feats of migration on the planet: the Blackpoll Warbler's flight over the Atlantic Ocean non-stop for up to three days. Blackpoll Warblers fitted with miniature tracking devices took off from points in either Nova Scotia or the northeastern U.S. and flew south over the Atlantic, with no safe place to land, until reaching Caribbean islands roughly 1,600 miles away. "This is one of the most ambitious migrations of any bird on earth," said VCE's Executive Director, Chris Rimmer, co-author of a research paper published today on the warbler flights. Read more »

Atlas of Vermont Dragonflies Updated

April 13, 2015

The atlas of dragonflies and damselflies of Vermont has been updated at Odonata Central by the Vermont Atlas of Life. Two new discoveries in 2014 now brings the total number of Odonata, the order of insects containing dragonflies and damselflies, to 142 species. Read more »