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Autumn Meadowhawk (Symptrum vicinum)

A Field Guide to Stick Season

November 17, 2014

The warblers have left us for the warmth. Butterflies are but a fond memory. Amphibians are holed up for winter. And you’ve already set back your clocks and gained an hour. But do not fret this leafless time. Here’s a field guide to “Stick Season.” Read more »

Are Snowy Owls In Your Future?

November 18, 2014

Vermont's first Snowy Owl of the autumn season was spotted in Westminster on October 25. It appears the Arctic has come visiting a bit early this fall. But more Snowy Owls may be in our future. Our review of eBird data reveals that Snowys are already showing up elsewhere south of their breeding range. Learn more »

Amphibian Anxiety

November 15, 2014

A fungus already killing salamanders in Europe could spread with global consequences, particularly here in the United States. Writing in the journal Science, an international team of 27 researchers blamed the spread of the disease on “globalization and a lack of biosecurity” in the pet trade. Read more from »

Tracking Rusty Blackbirds - Northbound and Southbound

November 16, 2014

As the autumn leaves lose their vivid color and turn a golden brown in preparation for winter, Rusty Blackbirds also don their namesake plumage and molt into rust-tipped feathers for fall migration. As they meander back to the wooded wetlands of the southeastern U.S., we're examining data from the Spring Migration Blitz. Read more and view animated migration maps on our blog »

Saved by Eyespots

November 14, 2014

Research by a VCE partner has demonstrated with some of the first experimental evidence that coloration or patterns on wings can be used to “deflect” attacks from predators, protecting an animal's most vulnerable parts from the predators most likely to attack them. Read the article and see videos »