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Outdoor Radio: Counting Terns

June 18, 2015

Hard hats in hand, VCE biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra head to Lake Champlain. They are taking a boat to Papasquash Island, owned by Audubon Vermont, to help count Common Tern eggs and chicks on the island. Listen to the show »

Scientists Combine Bird Survey Data to Identify Vulnerable Songbirds

June 05, 2015

Mountain Birdwatch data lie at the heart of a published study revealing that continent-wide bird surveys may offer important conservation insights, but they can miss rare or isolated species whose habitat lies off the beaten path, such as at high elevations or in remote bogs. The study, led by avian ecologist Joel Ralston and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, in close collaboration with VCE’s Judith Scarl and Dan Lambert, reports how combining data from point counts across the landscape can elucidate how birds in difficult-to-reach habitats are faring. Read the story »

A Field Guide to June

June 01, 2015

Here in Vermont, we dream of June during the darkest days of January. Verdant wooded hillsides glowing brightly under a robin egg sky. Warm afternoon breezes rolling through the valleys as we lounge by the clear waters of a cold river. The chorus of birds waking us each morning. The smell of freshly cut grass wafting through the window. We forget about the clouds of black flies, the hum of the mosquitos and the rainy days. June is a dream here. Its days last forever. Learn about June »

Outdoor Radio: Eye on an Eyrie

May 23, 2015

Faster than a speeding train. Able to leap the Green Mountains in a single bound. It’s a bird, not a plane. It’s a Peregrine Falcon! Biologists Kent McFarland and Sarah Zahendra of the Vermont Center for Ecostudies recently took a trip to the Bolton Cliffs and joined Margaret Fowle, from Audubon Vermont in search of this lightning fast bird. Listen to the show »