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A Field Guide to December

December 10, 2014

Even on these cold, short days, most of us might not be too far from warblers and butterflies. In this VCE Field Guide to December, we report on how animals adapt for winter, and how a few might even leave behind some nice impressions. Read more on the VCE blog »

Keeping Endangered Flora Alive and Well

December 19, 2014

In Vermont we're fortunate that critical habitat for rare species still exists. In fact, just recently, two of Vermont’s most endangered plants were rediscovered. Bob Popp, State botanist for the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, writes about their long-term survival and how it will depend on deliberate planning and actions to identify and conserve critical habitats before they are lost. Read more »

Red Knot 'rufa' Subspecies Listed as Threatened in the US

December 09, 2014

Migratory shorebirds, like the rufa red knot, need particular areas to refuel and rest along their annual journeys. Sea level rise and development are shrinking these areas. The combination of habitat loss and diminished food supply, along with other threats, has led the US Fish and Wildlife Service to protect the knot under the Endangered Species Act. Find out more on the USFWS blog »

VCE Turns to Puerto Rico for Conservation Work

December 11, 2014

Although we have known for years that Hispaniola is the winter epicenter for Bicknell's Thrush, VCE is also turning to Puerto Rico for new work with this rare songbird. An analysis of the thrush's winter habitat, led by VCE Conservation Biologist Kent McFarland, has directed us to a large block of unsurveyed wet forest in the island's central range, the Cordillera Central. So confident are we in the model that VCE Executive Director Chris Rimmer will visit Puerto Rico in January to jump-start the field work. Read more »