Suds and Science

Suds & Science Season is Fast Approaching!


Suds&Science Stimulate all of your senses, beer in hand, while listening to cutting-edge science in front of a fire. VCE's informal science discussion series is held once a month (November & January-May) at the Norwich Inn. In these informal talks (no lectures & no PowerPoint!), a visiting scientist will elaborate on their research which might include anything from ice cores to early human ancestors to avian migration ecology. As we like to say, "You buy the beverage, we bring the science." Come early and meet some other fans of science in the Jasper Murdock's Alehouse. Know of a dynamic science speaker? We're always looking for our next scientist--contact Jason Hill. Check out the upcoming schedule, read about or watch some of the past talks below.

2017-2018 Schedule (all talks from 7-8 pm)
November 7, 2017: Speaker TBD.
January 9, 2018: Speaker TBD.
February 6: Caitlin Hicks Pries [Dartmouth College], How soils can affect climate change
March 6: Alexej Sirén [Northeast Climate Science Center, UMass], Predators and climate change in New England
April 3: Stephen Brown [Manomet], Shorebird migration and conservation
May 2: Laura Ogden [Dartmouth College], TBD

Selected Past Talks