Suds & Science

November is near...Suds & Science returns

Suds & Science If you're one of the ~300 folks who came to one of our events last year, then you know what Suds & Science is all about. Bring your thirst and leave the dry science at home. This is the other side of science—the personal narrative that doesn't get printed in journals. Part science, storytelling, and craft brew, and hosted by VCE biologist Jason Hill, Suds & Science is your opportunity to casually learning something while being entertained. The upcoming season features Jason Hill's personal account of trying, and failing, to save a species from extinction. For the rest of the season we need your help lining up dynamic and engaging botanists, anthropologists, public health specialists — scientists! — to tell us a story. Suds & Science has been traditionally held at the Norwich Inn, but we're looking to diversify our geographic footprint in 2019. So contact Jason Hill if you know of another venue near White River Junction that could host us on a weeknight. Looking forward to seeing all those familiar faces in November!

The Vermont Center for Ecostudies' Suds & Science is a free event and meant for all ages, and all talks are recorded by CATV. Check out the current schedule or watch some of the past talks below.

2018-2019 Schedule (all talks from 7-8 pm)
November 6, 2018 at the Norwich Inn: Jason Hill [Vermont Center for Ecostudies], An eyewitness account to extinction: the first and final flight of the Po'ouli
January 8, 2019: TBD
February 5: TBD
March 5: TBD
April 2: TBD
May 7: TBD

Selected Past Talks to Watch