• Suds & Science

    The 2019-2020 season is here! Ready to get your science on?

    Suds & Science Suds & Science isn't a lecture--it's a community gathering at the Norwich Inn where you meet other fans of science, enjoy local craft beer, gain an understanding of someone's scientific research, and engage with an expert in their field. Hosted by VCE biologist Jason Hill, there's no PowerPoint slides or overly-complex jargon...just compelling personal narratives from scientists. Do you want to learn how Arctic soils breathe, and then hear about being chased out of a soil pit by a polar bear? So do we. Do you want to gain an understanding of several million years of hominid evolution, and then hear what it feels like to discover a new-to-science hominid fossil buried in an unexplored African cave? Yeah, we thought so. So come check out a Suds & Science event.

    If you're a dynamic and engaging botanist, an anthropologist with a flair, a public health specialist who can spin a science story...or you know one....then please reach out to Jason Hill and share 30 minutes of your science and story at a future Suds & Science event. The Vermont Center for Ecostudies' Suds & Science is a free event and meant for all ages, and all talks are recorded by our friends at CATV.

    2019-2020 Schedule (all talks from 7 to ~7:40 pm + time for questions at the Norwich Inn)
    November 5, 2019: Roger Pasquier [American Museum of Natural History]. Birds in Winter: surviving the most challenging season. [No video available, unfortunately]
    January 7, 2020: A last-minute scheduling conflict for Simone Whitecloud [Dartmouth College] meant that we didn't get to hear about her fascinating alpine plant community research, but we'll make it happen next year. Not to be deterred, nine fans of Suds & Science joined Jason at Trail Break in White River Junction for an absolutely lovely evening of food, drink and conversation about everything from the revitalization of White River Junction to climate change and tick-born diseases. Wow, we're going to have to do that again--Dan Hudnut suggested we call it Tacos and Talk!
    February 4: Brett Amy Thelen [Harris Center for Conservation Education]. Community-based conservation of migratory amphibians. Watch the video here!
    March 3: Spencer Hardy [Vermont Center for Ecostudies]. The conservation status and uncertain future of Vermont's native bees. Watch the video here!
    Note from Jason: due to COVID-19, we are canceling the April and May Suds & Science events. We hope to host Dr. Culler and Jordan Tourville in the future. Stay safe and be kind.
    April 7 [Canceled]: Lauren Culler [Dartmouth College]. Mosquitoes in the cold and frozen north: what’s the buzz?
    May 5 [Canceled]: Jordon Tourville [SUNY-ESF]. Forests on the move: how fungi might help trees thrive in a warmer world

    Selected Past Talks to Watch