Suds & Science

Thank you everyone for a great season--see you in November!

Suds & Science Another season of Suds & Science has come and gone, and what a season it was! If you're one of the ~350 folks who attended between November (2018) and May (2019), then you learned (and heard some great stories) about extinct Hawaiian birds, stone tool use by early humans, giraffe conservation in Uganda, salt marsh restoration, monarch migration, and ornithology in Cuba. Suds & Science isn't a lecture--it's a community gathering at the Norwich Inn where you meet other fans of science, enjoy local craft beer, and engage with experts in their field. Hosted by VCE biologist Jason Hill, there's no PowerPoint slides...just compelling personal narratives from scientists. We'll be back at the Norwich Inn for the 2019-2020 season, and I need your help lining up dynamic and engaging botanists, anthropologists, public health specialists — scientists! — to tell us a story. So contact Jason Hill if you’ve got a story to tell.

The Vermont Center for Ecostudies' Suds & Science is a free event and meant for all ages, and all talks are recorded by our friends at CATV.

2018-2019 Schedule (all talks from 7-8 pm)
November 6, 2018 at the Norwich Inn: Jason Hill [Vermont Center for Ecostudies], An eyewitness account to extinction: the last flight of the Po'ouli. (No video available, sadly, due to election night)
January 8, 2019 at the Norwich Inn: Nathaniel Kitchel [Dartmouth College], Stone tools: exploring the lives of New England's first human inhabitants. Video here
February 5, at the Norwich Inn: Rachel Thiet [Antioch University New England], Shellfish, crabs, and other seafloor creatures: ongoing restoration outcomes at a Cape Cod salt marsh. Video here
March 5, at the Norwich Inn: Elizabeth Howard [Journey North], Monarch butterfly migration and the power of citizen science. Video here
April 2, at the Norwich Inn: Chris Rimmer [Vermont Center for Ecostudies], Searching the shadows: seeking an elusive Northeast songbird in Cuba. Video here
May 7, at the Norwich Inn: Michael B. Brown [Dartmouth College], A Tall Order: Studying Giraffe Ecology and Conservation in the Savannas of Uganda. Video here

Selected Past Talks to Watch