• Science Videos, Recorded Webinars, and More.

    Uniting people and science for conservation is not only VCE’s mission, it’s our passion. Browse our collection of VCE biologist-produced videos, webinars, and other multimedia offerings designed to help learners of all ages engage with the natural world.

    Science Fairs

    VCE science fairs provide a unique opportunity to hear our biologists discuss their current projects and engage them in lively discussion during Q&A sessions. Below, you will find recordings of past science fair events. Although the live Q&A may be over, you’re always welcome to reach out with questions!

    Conservation Coffee Hour

    Conservation Coffee Hour was a limited-run webinar series scheduled for select Fridays on Zoom from February to April 2024. Each conversation provided opportunities for attendees to dive into some of VCE’s newest projects. Over the weeks, we covered topics ranging from ticks to pollinators, vernal pools to artificial intelligence, and much more.

    Vernal Pools

    Vernal pools are a unique type of wetland habitat. Each spring, rain and melting snow fill these small, shallow depressions on the land (think wicked big puddles). With no permanent inlet or outlet, the water very slowly dries up over the summer, preventing fish from taking up residence. This “ephemeral” nature of vernal pools makes them uniquely suited to support several species of animals that require these temporary wetland habitats for their very survival. Learn about vernal pool ecology and the charismatic critters that call them home in this collection of videos and webinars.

    The World of Bees, Lady Beetles, and Other Insects

    Did you know there are over 300 species of wild bees in Vermont? And that 14 out of 34 Vermont lady beetle species haven’t been seen for decades? There are far more questions than answers when it comes to understanding the status of the insect biodiversity all around us. These video offerings will set you on a path of mystery and discovery in the diminutive world of insects.

    Everything Birds

    VCE conducts several bird research and monitoring projects – Mountain Birdwatch, Vermont Loon Conservation Project, Grassland Bird Conservation, Forest Bird Monitoring Program, Eastern Whip-poor-will Project, Mountain Songbird Research and Conservation, and Caribbean Forest Bird Research and Conservation. Plus, we really like birdwatching. Here you’ll find an assortment of videos and webinars about our feathered friends from all corners of the Western Hemisphere.

    Climate Change

    Here you’ll find webinars and videos presented by VCE staff and collaborators on the effects of climate change on wildlife habitats and life histories.

    Community Science Tools

    Did you know that you don’t need a background in science to be a Community Scientist? From backyards and bogs to mountains and meadows, you’ll find many ways to get involved and make a real contribution to wildlife conservation. If you’d rather not muck around a swamp or hike to a summit, you can still volunteer for VCE – even from the comfort of home. Explore your options to participate in VCE science on our Volunteer page!

    Listen and Learn

    Here you’ll find audio-only selections for your listening (and learning) pleasure.