Become a Citizen Scientist

As a volunteer for VCE, you need not scale high peaks to count songbirds. But we wouldn't mind if you did. We won't ask you to leap into a cold lake to place a loon nesting platform. But it would great if you were into that sort of thing. And if you don't know a fern from a fritillary, we don't mind.

From bogs to backyards, you'll find many ways to help us unite people and science for conservation. But also essential to our work are the folks who help us indoors. If you'd rather not muck around a swamp or hike to a summit, you can still volunteer for VCE – even from the comfort of home. Here are some options:

Citizen Science Projects

Contact us for general volunteer information or details about any of these projects. And check back here from time to time because our volunteer needs change throughout the year.