• About Us: The VCE Story and Strategy

    The Vermont Center for Ecostudies advances wildlife conservation with the combined force of scientific research and informed communities. Our biologists study birds, insects, amphibians, and other wildlife from Canada to South America. Enhancing our work is a legion of volunteer community scientists and naturalists.

    What VCE discovers about wildlife and conservation we share with scientists, policy makers, conservationists, and the general public. We publish research in peer-reviewed scientific literature. Our project reports help inform public policy. And our growing body of knowledge about biodiversity is a free public resource for anyone who seeks to discover and enjoy wildlife – from school children to birdwatchers.

    ruth-mt-hunger-1280xMore than anything, VCE succeeds with action. Here are a few examples:

    Far from being cloistered researchers, VCE biologists engage the public. We tweet, blog, write, lecture, live, breathe, and photograph nature. We even host a public radio show called Outdoor Radio. After all, as Emeritus Executive Director Chris Rimmer likes to point out, conservation is as much about people as it is about ecology. It’s one reason our motto is, “Uniting People and Science for Conservation.”

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