• Northern Red-tailed Hawk

    Common NameNorthern Red-tailed Hawk
    Scientific NameButeo jamaicensis abieticola
    Type of ReportRare Species
    Date of Observation01/02/2017
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    • Other Documentation of Observation
    • Other Documentation of Observation
    Number Observed1
    Reporting Observer's NameMichael Foster
    Mailing Address162 Breezy Hill Rd
    Springfield, VT 05156
    United States
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    Date Completed02/23/2017
    Latitude of Observation43.288219
    Longitude of Observation72.413281
    Place NameMichael Foster
    Vermont eBird Checklist URLebird.org
    Time of Day12:15 PM
    Length of Time Observed10 min
    Maximum Estimated Distance from Bird (in feet)900
    Minimum Estimated Distance from Bird (in feet)300
    Noteworthy Weather Conditions

    Clear with a light wind to my back, temp in the 20's (F)

    Optical Equipment Used for Observation

    Nikon Monarch bins 8x42

    Observer’s Previous Acquaintance With This or Similar Species

    Observed one other bird on my property about 1 month previous

    I certify that that attachments included with this report were captured during this observation event​​.
    Description of Habitat

    Open fields that were corn fields, all harvested, surrounded by the CT on one side with a line of trees, and some bluffs on the other that are forested. The bird was sitting in a tree that was a small stand of a few trees surrounded by the corn field.

    Behaviors Observed

    Just sitting in the tree while I watched. At one point it looked to leave (probably because of my watching it) but settled when I pulled away a little (I was in my truck and did not get out for fear of spooking the bird)

    Description of Vocalizations


    Verbal Narrative & Description of Observation

    Noticed the hawk while slowly driving along Rt 5. Stopped and observed the bird from my truck without getting out. Observed the bird both with binoculars and through the lens of my camera. Bird sat in tree for the entire time I observed, about 10 min) I pulled away slowly after that so I wouldn't disturb the bird

    Relative Size & Shape

    Large hawk with typical buteo build


    Dark head with a light supercilium. Dark coloring bleeding into neck

    Feet & Bill

    Bill light yellow with dark near the tip, hooked hawk bill
    Unable to see feet

    Upper Back

    Dark feathers with some mottling

    Lower Back & Rump

    Unable to see these


    Never flew while I watched. Dark primaries with mottled secondaries viewable while wings folded

    Breast, Belly, Flanks, Under Tail Coverts

    Wide belly band almost covering chest with dripping appearance of coloration


    Short tail typical for buteo, definitely red in color perhaps some slight banding

    IMPORTANT: What similar species were eliminated when making the identification and how was this bird different?

    Red tail hawk subspecies eastern (borealis)

    This report was written from notes taken:Written from Memory

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