• Black vulture

    Common NameBlack vulture
    Scientific NameCoragyps Atratus
    Type of ReportRare Species
    Date of Observation03/16/2021
    Number Observed1
    Reporting Observer's NameLori Charron
    Mailing Address32 Tracy drive P.O. Box 116
    Errol, NH 03579
    United States
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    Date Completed03/18/2021
    Names & Emails of Other Contributing Observers

    Patty Christinat

    Latitude of Observation43.895
    Longitude of Observation72.169
    Place Namel91 mile marker 89.9
    Vermont eBird Checklist URLebird.org
    Time of Day11:36 AM
    Length of Time Observed1 min
    Maximum Estimated Distance from Bird (in feet)80’
    Minimum Estimated Distance from Bird (in feet)20’
    Noteworthy Weather Conditions

    Blue sky, great visibility

    Optical Equipment Used for Observation


    Observer’s Previous Acquaintance With This or Similar Species

    Very familiar with this species. Many sightings and observations of this bird in many other states.

    I certify that that attachments included with this report were captured during this observation event​​.
    Description of Habitat

    Soaring over highway, near ledges.

    Behaviors Observed

    Soaring over highway, near ledges. Had turkey vultures a little ahead of the black vulture.

    Description of Vocalizations


    Verbal Narrative & Description of Observation

    Bird was soaring over the highway had a good visual as the bird was low enough to see clearly. Noticed the white on the wing tips, the tail was noticeably short, was also able to see the head was black. Both parties in the car had a good visual of the bird. Almost simultaneously said that’s a black vulture.

    Relative Size & Shape

    Black vulture size, soaring with wings expanded out.



    Upper Back


    Lower Back & Rump



    Black with white at the tip

    Breast, Belly, Flanks, Under Tail Coverts



    Squared Short tail

    IMPORTANT: What similar species were eliminated when making the identification and how was this bird different?

    Turkey vulture was eliminated as the bird had the white wing tips, shorter and squared tail all black head , slightly smaller than the Turkey vultures.

    This report was written from notes taken:During the Observation

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