• Greater White-fronted Goose

    Common NameGreater White-fronted Goose
    Scientific NameAnser albifrons
    Type of ReportRare Species
    Date of Observation10/28/2017
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    • Other Documentation of Observation
    • Other Documentation of Observation
    Number Observedone
    Reporting Observer's NameDon Clark
    Mailing Address244 Bul Hill Rd
    PO Box 866
    Grafton, VT 05146
    United States
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    Date Completed11/02/2017
    Names & Emails of Other Contributing Observers

    Also observed by Ken Cox

    Latitude of Observation43,1936476
    Longitude of Observation72.5678623
    Place NameFisher Hill Rd beaver pond
    Vermont eBird Checklist URLebird.org
    Time of Day03:00 PM
    Length of Time Observed2 hours
    Maximum Estimated Distance from Bird (in feet)80
    Minimum Estimated Distance from Bird (in feet)80
    Noteworthy Weather Conditions

    clear & sunny

    Optical Equipment Used for Observation

    7x42 Zeiss binos & 20-60 Nikon scope

    Observer’s Previous Acquaintance With This or Similar Species

    many observations throughout New England

    I certify that that attachments included with this report were captured during this observation event​​.
    Description of Habitat

    Beaver pond with low vegetated islands or hummocks. In with 250 Canada Geese, a Barnacle Goose and 14 Woodies.

    Behaviors Observed

    Feeding in water & on hummocks with Canada's & Barnacle

    Description of Vocalizations

    none heard

    Verbal Narrative & Description of Observation

    Passing by and noted Canada Geese on the beaver pond. When stopping to scan them I noticed a sleeping Barnacle by its distinct back pattern. I then observed the juv. GWFG nearby.

    Relative Size & Shape

    Smaller than Canada's but close to Barnacle


    Dark grayish brown. Just starting to show a little white at base of bill (juv)

    Feet & Bill

    bright orange legs, feet & bill.

    Upper Back

    Dark grayish brown

    Lower Back & Rump

    Dark grayish brown lower back, white rump band

    Breast, Belly, Flanks, Under Tail Coverts

    dark breasted juv. lacking black barring of adult. white under tail coverts



    IMPORTANT: What similar species were eliminated when making the identification and how was this bird different?

    Separated from Greylag by orange legs, feet & bill, shorter neck & relative body size

    Other Notes & Comments

    juvenile because of minimal white at base of bill and absence of dark barring on belly

    This report was written from notes taken:During the Observation

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