• A VCE Online Science Fair

    Join us for an evening of VCE science exploration! In this 1-hour event, you will have the opportunity to meet in small groups with VCE biologists, spend 20 minutes learning about each of three active VCE projects and ask questions. Here’s our March line-up:

    Ryan Rebozo will provide an overview and discussion of VCE’s Caribbean program. During his presentation, you can expect to hear about some past work conducted by VCE in the Greater Antilles, an overview of VCE’s most recent trip to the Dominican Republic, and some future directions for our Caribbean program.

    Nathaniel Sharp will provide a project update and an invitation to join Birder Broker. A joint project with Bridget Butler (aka the Bird Diva), Birder Broker pairs curious landowners with knowledgeable birders across the state for a series of bird surveys on private forested lands. If you’re a birder interested in exploring new places or a landowner wondering about what birds might be living in your woods and how to protect them, this project might be perfect for you!

    Jason Hill will share updates on his current invertebrate research projects. Pollinators, and other invertebrates, are vital components of ecosystems, and yet they commonly receive too little attention within the field of ecology and the public eye. Starting two years ago, the Mountains Program has purposefully grown to include research into the population dynamics of invertebrate species. We’ll talk about our current projects, which include investigating bumble bees and milkweed insect specialists on powerlines and monitoring invertebrate communities at existing Mountain Birdwatch sampling stations. We’ll also discuss where the projects are headed and what new projects might be on the horizon.

    Mark your calendars for March 16 at 7 pm on Zoom, and come prepared for an hour of learning! Please register here and email Emily Anderson at  with any questions before the event.