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    Chris Rimmer – Emeritus Executive Director

    CCR and DR BITHChris Rimmer received a B.S. in wildlife biology from the University of Vermont and an M.S. in ecology and behavioral biology from the University of Minnesota, where he studied Yellow Warbler molt ecology on the coast of James Bay, Ontario. Prior to his graduate studies, Chris was an itinerant field biologist, with stints in Peru, Ellesmere Island, James Bay, coastal Massachusetts, and Antarctica. Two years as a landbird biologist at the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences instilled a passion for migratory songbirds, banding-related research, and molt studies. When not chasing birds or butterflies, Chris spends as much time as possible salt water fly-fishing, stone wall building, and hiking.


    Visit Chris’ ResearchGate page to download or request PDF reprints.