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    Kevin Tolan - Staff Biologist

    Hailing from the shores of coastal Maine, Kevin received his B.A. in wildlife biology, with a forestry minor, from The University of Vermont in 2019. Growing up he was always interested in the nature surrounding him, particularly the reptiles, amphibians, and bugs found in and around his backyard vernal pool, as well as the creatures stranded in tidepools at his local state parks. At UVM his interest in birding and ornithology took off, and he eventually worked as a teaching assistant for an ornithology course. His summers in college were spent working as an intern for the Green Mountain Club and as a field technician with The Bobolink Odyssey in Shelburne, VT.

    Kevin began at VCE as an ECO Americorps member before becoming a full-time VCE staff member after his service ended. Kevin splits his time between two projects: the Vernal Pool Monitoring Project and the New England Grassland Ambassadors program. Both positions entail coordinating, training, and assisting volunteers and landowners who wish to become involved stewards of these unique and threatened ecosystems. He hopes to build on VCE’s community of volunteers and partners to continue to grow the projects to reach a wider audience and larger area.

    When not knee-deep in vernal pools or chest-deep in hay fields, Kevin enjoys birding, hiking, rock climbing, and skiing.