• About VCEStaffLaura Prothero

    Laura Prothero - Director of Development

    Laura has 10 years of development experience focused on deepening relationships between organizations and their partners and supporters, which she’s delighted to be using at VCE to help unite people and science for conservation. She earned an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Environmental Studies, then chose to make handmade chocolates in southern Vermont, and her life has been one switchback after another ever since–the latest example being that she and her husband recently returned to New England after 17 years in the Pacific Northwest to be nearby for family. Laura misses the daily anticipation of wondering if the sunrise will be visible over the Cascades, but she’s becoming enamored of actually seeing sunrises more days than not from her kitchen windows.

    Laura enjoys a good walk in the woods and cuddling with her cats, views of the horizon help her feel at home, and her favorite places are libraries for the wealth of human experience, imagination, and knowledge they make accessible to all of us.