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    The Path Ahead: Our Strategic Plan

    Vermont Center for Ecostudies will focus on key projects that promote our mission and deliver tangible conservation outcomes. 

    Effective wildlife conservation requires detecting and heeding early warning signs before species become endangered. At VCE, we monitor wildlife populations to assess their conservation status and to investigate potential threats. We then identify sources of observed declines before populations reach critically low levels. If warranted, we take actions to address the needs of wildlife that are seriously at risk. We excel in recruiting, training, and coordinating community volunteers to conduct rigorous wildlife studies in a highly cost-effective manner. We also specialize in convening conservation professionals to implement science-based initiatives that benefit threatened wildlife populations and their habitats throughout the Americas.

    VCE faces an exhilarating period of growth and transition as we celebrate our first 12 years and look ahead to our next chapter. We have the expertise and the broad community of partners and supporters to achieve our goals.

    Please join us.