• First Loon Sighting – Lake Dunmore


    Photo by Mary Holland

    The grips of winter eased up on Lake Dunmore with the ice breaking up on April 13. A resident of the lake called in the first loon sighting to L. Dunmore VCE volunteer, Mike Korkuc, today. The large northern Vermont lakes are still frozen solid in most places, but some of the shallower lakes might open up sooner. Keep those reports coming in: . And please post these and all your sightings to Vermont eBird.  Additional note: I just looked up recent loon sightings on ebird and found that the first loon sightings of the spring were on Lake Champlain on 4/2/14 with several sightings since.  On 4/11/14 a loon was reported in Pittsford area (unknown location) and on 4/15 two adults reported on Berlin Pond.
    Eric Hanson, VCE / VLRP coordinator

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