• Help VCE Upgrade the Loon Nest-Warning Signs

    Hearing the ghostly call of the loon coming through the evening mist is one of the quintessential loon w nest warning signexperiences of being on Vermont’s lakes and ponds. A major reason we can now hear these calls throughout Vermont has been the use of floating nest-warning signs. These signs have made a huge difference in the recovery of the loon population, from less than 10 nesting pairs in the 1980s to over 70 nesting pairs today.

    To ensure the long-term conservation of Vermont’s Common Loons, the Vermont Loon Recovery Project needs your help replacing old and damaged nest-warning signs.

    Click on your favorite lake below and help the loons by contributing to purchase new nest-warning signs.

    Holland Pond Norton Pond
    Brownington Pond Island Pond Osmore Pond
    Buck Lake Joe’s Pond Peacham Pond
    Center Pond Kent Pond Pensioner Pond
    Chittenden Reservoir Kettle Pond Ricker Pond
    Derby Pond Little Averill Lake Lake Seymour
    Lake Dunmore Little Hosmer Pond Somerset Reservoir
    Long Pond (Westmore) South Pond
    Lake Eden Maidstone Lake Spectacle Pond
    Lake Elligo Martins Pond Spring Lake
    Lake Elmore May Pond Sunset Lake (Marlboro)
    Ewell Pond Metcalf Pond Wolcott Pond
    Great Averill Lake Miles Pond Woodbury Lake
    Great Hosmer Pond Mirror Lake
    (No. 10 Pond)
    Woodward Reservoir
    Green River Reservoir Molly’s Falls Reservoir Zack Woods Pond
    Greenwood Lake Newark Pond
    Lake Groton Nichols Pond
    Harvey’s Lake Lake Ninevah

    Please pass this information on to others who enjoy loons; we need your help to make this campaign successful. I have contacted most lake associations to help spread the word via e-mail and e-newsletters, but the best way to get people to help is to contact them directly.

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    1. pippintogg says:

      This is great news. I heard my first Loons in Vermont and New Hampshire and it was their calls that inspired me to write my novel The Cry of the Loon.


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