• John Lloyd Joins VCE as Director of Science

    John LloydWe’re delighted to announce that VCE’s scientific program has taken a key step forward, with the addition of John Lloyd as Director of Science. This new position – a key recommendation in our 2012-16 strategic plan – raises the bar for VCE’s wildlife conservation agenda. John brings myriad strengths to his role in guiding VCE’s outcome-based conservation science work. His expertise in sophisticated analytical methods, combined with strategic thinking and a solid grasp of study design, are assets that promise to elevate our scientific rigor and boost our productivity.

    John’s Vermont roots trace back to UVM, where he earned a BSc in Wildlife Biology. He then dispersed westward, earning a MSc at U. Arizona and a doctorate at U. Montana, studying the ecology and conservation of regional grassland birds. John’s 2006 return to Vermont, where he lives in nearby Strafford with his wife and two children, has since found him immersed in investigating birds of south Florida and the Caribbean – in particular Mangrove Cuckoos – and on applying novel quantitative techniques to complex problems in ecology and conservation.

    As Director of Science, John will draw on his technical expertise and program management skills to advance VCE’s science programs and to facilitate the cutting-edge work we already do. He provides an excellent fit with both our research priorities and our close-knit staff. We enthusiastically welcome him.

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    1. Great news about John Lloyd. Congratulations, VCE! -Bryan Pfeiffer

    2. Excellent! VCE scores once again. — Steve

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