• Join the 7th Annual Monarch Blitz

    Monarch caterpillar on Milkweed – specifically, a third larval Monarch instar. Photo courtesy of Tara Rodkey,

    The International Monarch Monitoring Blitz is back for a 7th edition! From July 28 to August 6, 2023, join thousands of volunteers across Canada, the United States and Mexico in supporting conservation of the monarch butterfly.

    Mission Monarch is a community science program to gather data on Monarch and Milkweed distribution and abundance each year during the breeding season. Participants find milkweed, look for Monarchs (eggs, larvae, and adults) and share their observations with us on the Mission Monarch website. It allows us to get an annual snapshot of how Monarchs are faring in Vermont and beyond.

    Participation is simple! Just complete one or more missions during the Blitz between July 28 through August 6 and add your observations to Mission Monarch. Conducting a mission is easy and fun! From backyards to mountain meadows, all you need is a place where milkweed is growing. Join and learn more about the mission at the Vermont Atlas of Life website.

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    1. Gail Coffey says:

      I noticed a significant drop in Monarch butterflies and caterpillars in my yard in Wilton, NH this year. Last year and for the past 6 years, we have observed from 8-10 butterflies and have had 15-35 caterpillars each year. This year, I have only seen 1 monarch butterfly and no caterpillars-this is quite shocking to me. What have you noticed this year from the blitz ?

      • Thanks Gail. I hope you can add your observations to e-Butterfly.org or mission monarch. All these observations are very helpful to build a regional picture. Here in Vermont I would so far call it below average. But I have not looked closed at the data yet.

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