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    Here’s your chance to visit a lake or pond during one of the year’s most important days for Common Loon conservation in Vermont: LoonWatch. On Saturday, July 18, volunteers will take to Vermont waters to count loons starting at 8 a.m. Surveys on most lakes require a boat of some kind, but a few can be surveyed from shore (look for one of the smaller lakes or ponds on the list below). Volunteers will report their survey results on Vermont eBird.

    Below is a list of lake survey opportunities (organized by region). You can also download the lake list as a one-page PDF.

    If you can join us to visit a lake (or two), contact VCE loon biologist Eric Hanson by email or by phone at (802) 586-8064. Here’s more information on LoonWatch.

    2015 LoonWatch Opportunities



    Size (acres)

    Key to Regions

    Fairfield cha-n 446 ec = East Central
    Iroquois cha-n 243 cha-n = Champlain Valley North
    Abenaki ec 44 gm-s = Green Mountains South
    Mill (Windsor) ec 77 nc = North Central
    Minards ec 46 nek = Northeast Kingdom
    Norford ec 21 wc = West Central
    North Springfield ec 290



    Round (Newbury) ec 30




    Runnemede ec 62 Center nek 79
    Cole gm-s 41 Clyde nek 186
    Grout gm-s 84 Comerford nek 777
    Howe gm-s 52 Lewis nek 68
    Stoughton gm-s 56 Little Salem nek
    Stratton gm-s 46 Norton nek 583
    Buck nc 39 Shadow (Concord) nek 128
    Caspian nc 789 South Bay nek 470
    Dog (valley) nc 88 Wallace nek 532
    Great Hosmer nc 140 West Mountain nek 60
    Green River nc 554 Wheeler nek 66
    Hardwick nc 145 Charleston (Charleston) nek 40
    Hardwood nc 44 Beebe (Hub) wc 111
    Little Elmore nc 24 Bomoseen wc 2360
    Lower (Hinesburg) nc 33 Burr wc 85
    Mollys nc 38 Hortonia wc 479
    Mud (Morgan) nc 35 Keeler wc
    Osmore nc 48 Knapp Br1 wc 25
    Parker nc 250 Knapp Br2 wc 35
    Ricker nc 95 Little (Wells) wc 177
    Sodom nc 21 St. Catherine wc 883
    Warden nc 46 Sugar Hill Res. wc 63
    Wrightsville nc 190 Sunrise (Benson) wc 57
    Sunset (Benson) wc 202
    Tiny wc 29


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