• Outdoor Radio: Moth Watching

    Co-hosts Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra are joined by JoAnn Russo, naturalist and moth expert, to watch backyard moths.

    Attracting, photographing, and identifying moths is a fun family activity. All you need are some lights and a sheet! Biologists Sara Zahendra and Kent McFarland went out into Kent’s backyard watch moths and talk about the important role they play. There are about 2,500 species of moths in Vermont; many of them documented by dedicated moth watcher Joanne Russo. She joins Kent and Sara on Outdoor Radio to share her knowledge.

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    Images from the show

    Kent also has a slideshow of the many moths he has photographed in his backyard.

    Green Leuconycta Moth (Leuconycta diphteroides). / © K.P. McFarland

    Putnam’s Looper (Plusia putnami). / © KP McFarland

    Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa rubicunda). / © KP McFarland

    Eastern Panthea Moth (Panthea furcilla). / © KP McFarland

    Apical Prominent (Clostera apicalis). / © KP McFarland

    Agreeable Tiger Moth (Spilosoma congrua). / © KP McFarland

    Ochre Dagger Moth (Acronicta morula). / © K.P. McFarland

    Eastern Panthea Moth (Panthea furcilla) / © KP McFarland

    White-Fringed Emerald (Nemoria mimosaria). / © KP McFarland

    Outdoor Radio is a monthly feature produced in collaboration with Vermont Public Radio with support from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation. The program is produced by Vermont Public Radio chief audio engineer Chris Albertine.

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