• Print a Checklist Instantly with Vermont eBird

    Vermont eBird Hotspot Explorer.

    Vermont eBird Hotspot Explorer.

    You can discover the best places for birding in Vermont (or around the world) using the Vermont eBird hotspot explorer. The Hotspot Explorer provides a completely new way to plan birding trips, putting millions of records from over 100,000 eBirders around the world into your hands. And now, you can even print out a bird checklist from any hotspot to carry with you in the field or study at your leisure.

    Here’s how you make a printable checklist from any eBird hotspot:

    1. Go to View and Explore Data.
    2. Select Explore Hotspots.
    3. Choose a hotspot by exploring the map or typing in a name in the search box. Click on View Details to go to the hotspot page.


    4. Select the month and years you want, or leave as all months and years.

    5. Click on the Printable Checklist link. The results will open in a new window as a PDF ready for printing. Here’s the PDF checklist for Lake Runnemede in Windsor, Vermont as an example.


    6. Go eBirding and add your checklists to Vermont eBird!


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