• Searching for Snowy Owls

    Snowy Owl at Killington, Vermont. / © K.P. McFarland

    Like ghosts from the Arctic, Snowy Owls have descended from the far north this winter. They’re showing up in fields, along highways and even in a few backyards. These migrations southward from the arctic tundra are a birdwatcher’s dream. And like dreams themselves, they are neither predictable nor fully understood. Join VCE biologists Sara Zahendra and Kent McFarland on Outdoor Radio as they try to find a white bird in the white snowy world of Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area and talk about the natural history of Snowy Owls along the way.

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    Snowy Owl sightings reported to Vermont eBird in 2018. Click on the map to view and explore a live map of observations.

    Outdoor Radio is produced in collaboration with Vermont Public Radio with support from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation.

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