• The First Loon Chicks of the Year

    Two chicks enjoy a ride on Lower Symes Pond. Photo by Ian Clark

    This time of year is always exciting with the hatching of the first loon chicks. VCE volunteers have observed at least five chicks this past week, including these chicks from Lower Symes Pond.

    Photographer and volunteer Ian Clark found the new loon family on June 13th with dad giving the kiddos a ride. An extraterritorial loon showed up and both parents swam off to escort the intruder away from the chicks. One chick swam towards Ian’s kayak, which allowed him to take this other amazing photo.

    A lone loon chick seeks refuge from an intruder loon near VCE volunteer Ian Clark’s kayak. Photo by Ian Clark

    When dad returned, he was not happy about the chick’s decision to seek refuge by the kayak. He gave a few alarm calls, and Ian quickly backed out of the area. If only dad realized the chick was in safe waters with a guardian nearby. Ian also helped a rare wood turtle across the road on his way home. It was a good morning.

    You can see more of Ian’s amazing images at www.IanClark.com and www.uppervalleyphotos.com.

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    1. Hank.sherry.marshall says:

      How exciting !!….amazing photos…..always great to hear of “first chicks “of the year !!!..thanks for sharing

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