• VCE Launches a New Radio Program

    Turn on, tune in and go out. Outdoors, that is.

    VCE and Vermont Public Radio on Thursday launch a new nature program celebrating what’s kent-saraswimming, slithering, crawling, jumping, walking, flying or even just sitting there waiting for you to wander by.

    Frogs and fritillaries, ferns and fireflies, finches and fungus – anything is fair game on VCE’s “Outdoor Radio.”

    “Outdoor Radio is a new breed of nature programing,” said VCE conservation biologist Sara Zahendra. “We’ll cover the biology, the beauty and even the bizarre.”

    VCE, a non-profit group of biologists based in Norwich, promotes wildlife conservation across the Americas with scientific research and citizen engagement. From Canada to South America, from mountains to grasslands, VCE scientists study and protect birds, insects, amphibians and other wildlife.

    Zahendra’s recent work on Vermont’s vanishing bumblebees has earned her the moniker of VCE’s “Queen Bee.” Joining her each month as co-host will be VCE senior conservation biologist Kent McFarland, whose passions include birds, insects and research on Vermont’s highest peaks.

    “We’ll bring the sounds and science of nature to your radio and mobile device,” said McFarland. “From there, you can head outside with your senses tuned to wildlife and wild places.”

    Outdoor Radio’s first broadcast on VPR will be Thursday, May 22, at 8:50am. Or listen online at: http://digital.vpr.net/post/outdoor-radio-peep-show. Outdoor Radio is made possible by a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation and the VPR Journalism Fund.

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    Comments (4)

    1. Gretchen says:

      I guess we will get up early here in the Pacific Northwest!

    2. K.P. McFarland says:

      You can always hear the podcast version later and enjoy sleep…..

    3. Miriam Lawrence says:

      Will the podcast be available through iTunes?

      • K.P. McFarland says:

        I am not sure about iTunes but it will be posted online so that folks can listen to it later.

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