• Vermont eBird Shatters Weekend Count Records


    Top 10 observers in Vermont during the 2016 GBBC.

    Top 10 observers in Vermont during the 2016 GBBC.

    Vermont eBirders were a big part of the 19th annual Great Backyard Bird Count. Birders helped to shatter the records set just last year. During the 3-day event, we found 88 species of birds in Vermont and contributed a whopping 1,128 checklists to Vermont eBird, a project of the Vermont Atlas of Life.

    Across the world, bird watchers reported 5,296 species–passing last year’s record by 206 species and topping 50% of the world’s birds for the first time! Participants submitted 150,167 checklists from more than 130 countries.

    Take a look at the latest reports from around the world.

    Vermont county totals for the 2016 GBBC.

    Vermont county totals for the 2016 GBBC.

    Some Cool Stats

    • During the 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. period on Sunday, February 14, 3,292 checklists were submitted. That’s the highest number of lists submitted in one hour in the history of the GBBC.
    • More than 52,000 checklists were entered on Monday, February 15. That’s the highest number of checklists ever submitted in a single day in the history of eBird and the GBBC.
    • As of this morning (February 19), 10 states had already surpassed their previous records for checklist submissions (Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia), with several others within a whisker of their past record (California, Colorado, Illinois, Wyoming, and North Dakota).
    • Despite a frigid GBBC for Canada, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec have already managed to crack their previous checklist records. Newfoundland/Labrador is very close!

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