Make Your Pledge Today!

In May, around the peak of spring migration, birdwatchers across Vermont, and beyond, will set out with more determination (and coffee) than usual: Birdathon. In a 24-hour blitz, the birders will raise funds to support VCE's wildlife and habitat conservation projects. You can help.

VCE's own Birdathon team, the "Green Mountain Goatsuckers," will be birdwatching throughout the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont this year. When we're done (and exhausted) we expect to have identified more than 100 bird species and have raised over $25,000 for research and conservation. Through Birdathon, you can help wildlife in two ways:

  1. Blackburnian Warbler / © Bryan Pfeiffer

    Blackburnian Warbler / © Bryan Pfeiffer

    Sponsor VCE’s Green Mountain Goatsuckers with a contribution.Your can make your tax-deductible pledge right now online.

  2. Form your own Birdathon team and recruit donors. We’ve got all the details here.

In each case, you’ll be supporting VCE’s research and conservation agenda, which includes our groundbreaking Vermont Atlas of Life, monitoring of songbirds via Mountain Birdwatch, a study of mercury in vernal pool food webs, and pioneering full life-cycle studies of vulnerable grassland birds.