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    Volunteer Materials

    DATA COLLECTION Vermont Vernal Pool Data Sheet (pdf 491 KB) (Be sure to also download the Data Sheet instructions below) Data Sheet Instructions (pdf


    were mapped statewide. Of those, nearly 900 have been field-verified. In 2020 we introduced VPAtlas to archive field-verified and potential pools, and encourage...

    2019 Norwich Bird Quest Racks up 177 Species

    17 birders generated an impressive total of 177 species, with numerous surprises. The 2020 Quest is now underway, with even more ambitious goals!...

    A Giant Leap Northward for a Butterfly

    Our study published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution this week shows an unusually rapid northward range shift by the Eastern Giant Swallowtail.

    Vermont Wild Bee Survey Records Over 9,000 Bees in 2019

    The Vermont Wild Bee Survey reached a milestone when it processed the 7,680th and final bee specimen from our 2019 survey. In just one

    Loon Season Update: Late Nests and a Successful Rescue

    VCE's Eric Hanson provides this late-summer update from the water, including a couple of short rescued loon release video clips!

    Red-winged Blackbirds Signal the Arrival of Spring

    Perhaps the best sign of spring here in Vermont is the return of Red-winged Blackbirds. They may also be a harbinger of long term

    Where Are Common Loons in Late Winter?

    If you travel to the coast this late winter or early spring, bring your binoculars and scan nearshore waters. You’ll likely find loons, and you

    Help Us Record Painted Lady Butterflies on the Move

    Painted Lady butterflies are flitting about fields, gardens, roadsides and meadows throughout eastern North America and beyond. Like Monarch butterflies, with which they are

    Painted Bunting Delights Vermont Bird Watchers

    Bird watchers are flocking to Pittsfield, Vermont as news spreads of a male Painted Bunting visiting a feeder at a residence there. This represents