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    Help Us Find and Map Vernal Pools

    The success of VT VPMP is dependent upon volunteers to help field-verify potential pools that have been mapped remotely. In addition, we encourage people to report the location of vernal pools they already know about or discover during the course of the project.

    During the first four years of the project (2009-2012), more than 4,800 “potential” vernal pools were mapped statewide. Of those, nearly 900 have been field-verified.

    Field-verification work is currently focused on the approximately 750 pools that are either located on public lands or for which we have obtained landowner permission to visit.

    We have established an interactive map displaying these target pools, along with field-verified and all potential pools. Once at the mapping website, click on the”Details” tab in the upper left for instructions on how to use the mapper to view pool information, sign-up to visit pools, and mark them as “done” once your fieldwork is completed.

    You can also access the mapper via the free ArcGIS iPhone/iPad, Android, or Windows Phone app. After installing the app, simply search Maps for “VPMP”. The app does not have an “offline” (no data connection) mode yet, so users should not rely on it for field navigation.

    To download data sheets, amphibian identification aids, and additional information visit the Volunteer Materials page.