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    Help Us Find and Map Vernal Pools

    The success of VPAtlas is dependent upon volunteers to help field-verify potential pools that have been mapped remotely. In addition, we encourage people to report the location of vernal pools they already know about or discover.

    During the first four years of the project (2009-2012), more than 4,800 “potential” vernal pools were mapped statewide. Of those, nearly 900 have been field-verified.

    In 2020 we introduced VPAtlas to archive field-verified and potential pools, and encourage citizens to participate and increase our knowledge about vernal pool locations in Vermont.

    VPAtlas is currently in Beta release and still under development. Visitors and users may encounter unexpected issues when using the site during the next 6-12 months, as we work to eliminate bugs and add additional features. We welcome visitors to the site and encourage users to begin adding pool data. Please contact for any questions or to report software issues.

    To download data sheets, amphibian identification aids, and additional information visit the Volunteer Materials page.