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    Join the Vermont Breeding Bird Survey

    FBMP BirderEach spring over 2,500 skilled amateur birders and professional biologists volunteer to participate in the North American BBS. We are always looking for highly skilled birders to join the team.
    Our requirements for participation are:

    If you meet the first 3 criteria and would like to participate in the Vermont BBS, please contact Steve Faccio, Vermont coordinator for BBS.

    Perhaps you have not quite mastered hundreds of bird songs and calls yet? Try Mountain Birdwatch with a small suite of just 10 birds to monitor. Or perhaps you’d like to contribute, but in a more casual way? Check out Vermont eBird, an amazing crowd-sourced database of bird observations from across the state and around the world.


    View an interactive map of the roadside survey routes in Vermont and find out which may be available for adoption.

    Breeding Bird Survey routes in Vermont. Click on the map to visit the BBS map site and learn more about each route.

    Breeding Bird Survey routes in Vermont and their availability in 2014.