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    Forest Bird Monitoring Results and Publications

    The Vermont Forest Bird Monitoring Program Data Dashboard.

    This interactive website allows you to explore FBMP data and up-to-date results in three main ways:

    1. an overall Population Trend Summary page
    2. a page to explore trends and relative abundance of Individual Species
    3. a page to explore data by Study Site.

    The dashboard data and results will be updated annually, once each year’s surveys are entered into the FBMP database.


    VCE Releases a Major Report Documenting the Status of Vermont’s Forest Birds

    A 25-year study of Vermont’s forest birds, including woodpeckers, warblers and other iconic species, has documented a 14.2 percent overall population decline during the period, raising concerns about birds and forests alike.

    Highlights include:

    Download the Report (PDF)
    Read the VCE Blog post – New VCE Study Reveals Decline in Vermont Forest Birds

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