Vermont Vernal Pool Mapping Project


For far too many years vernal pools were neglected waters. Although they support a rich and odd blend of wildlife, these woodland wetlands rarely appeared on conservation maps. Vernal pool discovery and conservation were haphazard. No more. Vernal pools are now taking their rightful place as wetlands for study, enjoyment, and conservation.

VCE and our partner Arrowwood Environmental have mapped the location of nearly 5,000 potential and known vernal pools across Vermont. With help from volunteers, we're refining our map every year. The map is already helping landowners, municipal officials and citizen naturalists protect these wetlands and their vibrant communities of amphibians and invertebrates


Spotted Salamander

Now that we’ve identified and mapped the location of potential vernal pools in every Vermont town, trained volunteers are now field-verifying the exact location of mapped potential vernal pools. They’re also collecting biological and physical data on each one.

You can help. The continued success of this project depends on volunteers who “field-verify” suspected pools, most of which we have identified by viewing aerial satellite photos of Vermont and picking out spots that appear to be pools. We also encourage you to report the location of vernal pools that you know but are not yet mapped.

Project Goals and Objectives

The project’s overall goals are to:


One major product of the Vermont Vernal Pool Mapping Project is the most comprehensive map of vernal pool sites ever assembled for the state. This interactive map is a living document, changing as we gather even more data on these pools. View/download The Vermont Vernal Pool Map and The Vermont Vernal Pool Mapping Project Final Report.