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    Vermont Vernal Pool Monitoring Project Manual (pdf, 4 MB) – Version 2.1.1
    The key document for all Vernal Pool Monitors. The VPMon Manual details when you should visit an adopted vernal pool; the protocols behind equipment setup and data collection & submission; and how to identify vernal pool indicator species.



    Vernal Pool Monitoring Data Sheet (pdf, 198 KB) – Version 2.0
    Be sure to also download the Data Sheet instructions below

    Vernal Pool Monitoring Data Sheet Instructions (pdf, 550 KB KB) – Version 2.0
    Explains how to fill out each section of the VPMon data sheet, one of which should be filled out for each of the 4 official visits to an adopted vernal pool.


    Egg Mass Quiz – 26 photos of vernal pool indicator species egg masses to help you practice distinguishing between different the egg masses of different species at a vernal pool.

    Vernal Pool Indicator Species I-D Sheet (pdf 771KB)

    Field ID Cards for Northeast Vernal Pool Indicator Species (pdf 2.4MB) and Field ID Cards for Vermont Vernal Pool Indicator Species (pdf 2.1 MB) — compiled by Dawn Morgan, University of Maine

    Key to Amphibian eggs and larvae (pdf 1.8MB) — This key to identification of amphibian eggs and larvae of Minnesota includes most species found in VT.