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    Wild Carrot (Daucus carota)

    Wild carrot, also known as Queen Anne's Lace in North America, is a white-flowered plant introduced from Eurasia.

    A field with a serious Queen Anne’s Lace invasion © Ken Mattison


    Queen Anne’s Lace leaves © jvclaybaugh

    What: Delicate, lacy leaves with small, delicate flowers that form large bracts. Occasionally has one small red flower at the center of the white bracts. The flower “curls” up and is easily visible during the fall and winter.

    Grows up to one yard tall.

    Seeds are still found in “wildflower” seed mixes.



    CAUTION: Contact with Queen Anne’s lace may cause skin irritation.

    • A deep tap root makes removal of full mature individuals difficult. Hand pull plants if possible, such as before they flower.

    • When first noticed in a field, cut the flower head off periodically with scissors to prevent seeding. If an invasion becomes too severe, hay early and frequently for several years until beat back.


    Queen Anne’s Lace © Mike Tewkesbury

    Queen Anne’s Lace flower “curling” up © Robert Wallace