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    LoonWatch Results

    Vermont’s Common Loon populations experienced another record-breaking nesting season in 2021, with six new nesting pairs and an unprecedented 109 nest attempts!

    Out of those nests, 77 were successful (71% success rate), and 85 chicks survived through August (68% survival rate). Throughout the season, 352 LoonWatch volunteers participated in monitoring Vermont’s loons. On Vermont LoonWatch day (July 17), approximately 200 volunteers documented 349 adults, 86 chicks, and one subadult. Those results are displayed below.

    Loonwatch Results (1983 – 2021)


    July 2021 Common Loon Reports to Vermont eBird

    All Loonwatch data is collected in Vermont eBird. Click on the map to see a live version of this map at Vermont eBird.