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    Loon Project Partners and Support

    Grants, private donations, and funds from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department (VFWD) support Common Loon conservation in Vermont. VFWD funding comes in large part from the federal Pittman-Robertson Fund and the Vermont Nongame Wildlife Fund.

    loon-raft-newark-elinor-osborn photographyProject Partners

    Municipal and Hydroelectric Partners


    VFWD biologist John Buck provided general support for the VLCP. We greatly appreciate ongoing support from VFWD game wardens who assisted with the project. We thank the hydroelectric companies and other groups that regulate water levels for their continuing stabilization efforts. We are especially grateful to Mathew Cole from Trans Canada Hydro, Simon Morin from Coaticook River Water Power Company, Mike Scarzello and John Sutter from Green Mountain Power, Hardwick Electric Department, Craig Myotte and John Pilton of Morrisville Water and Light, Bill Rogers from Great Bay Hydro, and Reg Abare from the Barre Public Works Department for their efforts to ensure stable water levels during the nesting season.

    Vermont Parks and Recreation staff at Brighton, Maidstone, New Discovery, Ricker, and Stillwater state parks helped with outreach efforts. Kappy Sprenger, VINS Wildlife Services, and Outreach for Earth Stewardship have assisted loons in distress over the past several years. Thanks also go to Dr. Mark Pokras of Tufts University Wildlife Medicine Program, John Cooley and Harry Vogel of the LPC, and Jim Paruk of BRI. The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to protect loon habitat continue to promote the success of this project, and we appreciate all the staff and members who contribute to those efforts.