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Common Loon Project Results

Although we evaluate the conservation of Common Loons in many ways, the best measure of our success is this: the number of nesting loons in Vermont has risen dramatically from a mere seven when our recovery efforts began 40 years ago.

VCE’s broad approach to loon conservation – monitoring, research, rescue, and citizen engagement – can be measured in other ways as well:

Annual Reports on the Status of Common Loons in Vermont

The nesting loon hunkers down while anglers fish nearby. Photo by Tig Tillinghast

Each year, along with our major partner in loon recovery and conservation, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, we report on the status of Common Loons in Vermont. You can download a PDF these annual accounts.

Loon Caller

Our annual newsletter, published jointly with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, features our latest work with loons and some of the volunteers critical to our success.