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    Build Your Own VCE Birdathon 2022 Team!

    Participating in Birdathon 2022 is easy and fun! Just follow the six steps below.

    black-and-white-warbler-600x727Step One: Choose your Team and Location

    You can go solo or form a team! Count in your backyard, neighborhood, or favorite natural area.

    Step Two: Recruit Sponsors

    Call or email your relatives, friends, or neighbors and ask them to support you by pledging a set dollar amount or an amount per species counted. Download this form to help you track your sponsors.

    Step Three: Get out and Count

    Choose a 24-hour period during the month of May and head out to count every bird species (or if you like, all flora and fauna) you can find. You can even add each site where you count to Vermont eBird or Vermont Atlas of Life at iNaturalist. You can download a Vermont eBird printable checklist or visit the Vermont eBird bar chart page to learn what might be found near you. You can also try this easy to use checklist.

    Step Four: Collect Sponsor Pledges

    Report to your sponsors with your count and collect their pledges. Checks should be made out to the Vermont Center for Ecostudies.

    Step Five: Return your Count and Pledges

    After you have done your count and collected all of your pledges, send the completed Sponsor Forms and Collected Contributions to the Vermont Center for Ecostudies, PO Box 420, Norwich, VT 05055.

    Step Six: Vermont eBird

    Enter your bird checklists from each stop into Vermont eBird  or upload your observations to Vermont Atlas of Life at iNaturalist.