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    Report Rare Bird Sightings

    Much of our understanding of bird distribution and identification, the kind of information it is so easy to take for granted, has come from observations by legions of bird watchers. You, too, can add to our understanding of the bird life of Vermont. It might be at a backyard feeder, during a walk at your local park, or a more well-planned and targeted birding outing - but somewhere, sometime, you are likely to see that out-of-place bird. It might be a vagrant that rarely visits Vermont, a bird that is out of season, or perhaps an unlikely breeder for the state. Each of these are vital pieces to the scientific and conservation puzzle of Vermont bird life and we thank you for reporting them.


    1. View the Vermont Bird Checklist to determine which species require Rare Species Documentation, Rare Nesting Documentation, or Out of Season Report. We also have a list of subspecies that need documentation to help determine their status in the state.

    2. Enter your observation and upload media with our online Rare Species Documentation (RSD) form. Please use only this form and submit online. Paper or emailed forms are not accepted. Some may find it convenient to write the narratives for the form first, and then cut and paste into the online form. Here is a PDF of the RSD form fields with explanation for each to help facilitate this.

    3. Resources to help you complete a high quality report:

    4. Please enter all of your bird sightings on Vermont eBird. All records reviewed by VBRC are shared in Vermont eBird.

    The committee meets in late fall each year to review Vermont bird records. Submission of reports are accepted throughout the year.